Procurement staff

As a strategic partner and leader, the Procurement division is responsible for providing a large portfolio of services citywide, including but not limited to:

  • Procurement and contracting expertise and support in services, technology, commodities, and construction.
  • Leadership in strategy for governance, risk mitigation, and procurement compliance through our Corporate Compliance Program.
  • Collaboration with departments to support operational effectiveness through the city’s Corporate Procurement Card Program.
  • End of life cycle management, disposal, and/or repurposing of used, seized, and surplus assets to multiple municipal partners through our Asset Recovery & Disposal Program, as well as our Electronics Waste Management partnership with Goodwill.
  • Partnering with local, regional, and national peer entities by creating contracting opportunities, economies of scale, and volume discounts through our home-grown Charlotte Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (CCPA) whose mission is “Partnering through Shared Vision, Shared Commitment, and Shared Value.”
  • Acting as the city’s leading authority on procurement policies, standards, and best practices.

The division is focused on impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations and operations we serve. To that end, we proactively and collaboratively pursue the best value for our stakeholders and provide agile and creative solutions to keep the city continuously improving in procurement. The division collaborates with Charlotte Business INClusion (CBI) in promoting and advocating for fairness, diversity, equity, and inclusion in contracting opportunities, and with Sustainability & Resilience in sustainable procurement practices.