City Receives Global Sustainability Recognition for Consecutive Years

Published on November 29, 2023

Close up of City of Charlotte electric vehicle decal that reads, 'Road to a Cleaner Future'.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Nov. 27, 2023) – For the second year in a row, the City of Charlotte scored an “A-“ from Disclosure Insight Action (CDP) for superior citywide sustainability efforts. The world’s economy looks to CDP as the gold standard of environmental reporting with the richest and most comprehensive corporate and city action database.

Cities that reported in the United States of America have an average score of “B,” while the average city’s score globally is a “C.” Researchers from CDP state that the city’s “A-“ puts Charlotte at a leadership level that “has demonstrated best practice standards across adaptation and mitigation, has set ambitious goals and has made progress toward achieving those goals.”

Aspects that factor into a city’s score include developed adaptation and mitigation plans to improve citywide sustainability efforts, specific goals and targets, and a community-wide greenhouse gas emissions inventory. All of those aspects are key components of climate action.

“When City Council set the goal to become a global leader in environmental sustainability, we knew it was ambitious,” said Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles. “This global recognition, for the second year in a row, shows that we are meeting that goal. With continued community-wide partnership, we have what it takes to keep showing the world it is possible to balance economic growth and equity while preserving our natural resources.”

As the City of Charlotte continues to pursue the aggressive goals set in the Sustainable and Resilient Charlotte by 2050 Resolution, staff developed the Strategic Energy Action Plan (SEAP). It established scaled goals focused on lowering greenhouse gas emissions and community-wide carbon output, and encouraging the associated actions that support a healthy, sustainable community. To track the city’s progress toward achieving the SEAP goals, visit the interactive SEAP dashboard