Innovation lab

innovation lab

The Innovation Lab is a service that brings community and government together to explore challenges and develop solutions collaboratively. These solutions often include both technology and process adaptations aimed at helping the city reach its goals.

Innovation Lab Process

  1. A challenge is identified by department leadership where the Innovation Lab would help.
  2. The challenge and goal are explored further to determine who else needs to be involved.
  3. Desktop, field and stakeholder research is conducted to be used in the Innovation Lab.
  4. A 2–4-hour workshop is run with a range of subject matter experts (including lived experience).
    • Additional information is added to the collection.
    • Observations and insights are formed.
    • Variety of ideas are rapidly formed.
    • Ideas are assessed and the best are refined by the group.
    • A plan to mock-up and test top ideas and their impact/value/cost is outlined.
  5. Two to four prototypes are created, and input is solicited from end users of the process or technology.
  6. Findings are shared with leaders along with supporting documentation they need to advance.

Examples of past Innovation Labs:

  • Accessory Dwelling Units as Affordable Housing Solutions.
  • Augmented Reality for City Data and Communications.
  • Resident Account to Sign Up for City Resources and Streamline Applications.