Strategic Energy Action Plan

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In June 2018, the Sustainable and Resilient Charlotte by 2050 Resolution was unanimously passed by Charlotte City Council. This resolution set aggressive and aspirational municipal and community-wide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals for the City of Charlotte. Specifically, it strives to have city fleet and facilities be fueled by 100% zero-carbon sources by 2030. It also sets a community-wide goal for Charlotte to become a low carbon city by 2050 by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to below 2 tons of CO2 equivalent per person annually. Lastly, it called for a strategic energy action plan to determine how Charlotte would reach the two goals.

In December of 2018, city council unanimously adopted the Strategic Energy Action Plan (SEAP). Sustainability staff developed the SEAP in partnership with community stakeholders and city departments participating in greenhouse gas emission reduction scenario sessions and continuous engagement on the specific areas of the SEAP. This resulted in a comprehensive framework of 11 linked action areas containing internal and external actions, focused on transportation, buildings, energy generation, and workforce development/equity with steps on how to reach the goals set by the resolution.