Fair Housing

Equal access in housing is a right, not a privilege.


Religion Fair Housing Video Transcript

>> Amara: Hi, CJ, do you have a minute?

>> CJ Property Management: Hi, Amara, how can I help you?

>> Amara: I'm checking to see if you received my request to rent the community room for a Hanukkah celebration with my family

>> CJ Property Management: We did but unfortunately, the community room is only available for Christmas celebrations during the month of December

>> Amara: You can't be serious!

>> CJ Property Manager: I'm sorry, Amara. You'll have to find somewhere else to celebrate.

>> ANNOUNCER: Lack of access and being treated differently based on your race, religion, color, familial status, gender, national origin or disability is not ok!

If you think you have been discriminated against or that your fair housing rights have been violated, call us.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Department is here to help. 704-336-5160.



April is Fair Housing Month

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