Strategic Mobility Plan

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What is the Strategic Mobility Plan?

Adopted in June 2022, the Strategic Mobility Plan (SMP) is an important next step in realizing the vision of the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan and is built on the engaged planning efforts of many in our community. Our mobility vision is ambitious - to offer everyone in our city safe and equitable mobility choices.

The foundational commitments of this vision that will guide us in our work include:

  • Continuing our commitment of Vision Zero to be a community that ensures and prioritizes the safety of all who share Charlotte's streets.
  • Establishing a 50-50 mode share aspiration to be a community that balances our mobility choices and transitions away from a dependency on the car for most of our travel needs.
  • Expanding transit throughout our city to be a community that makes rail and bus transit trips faster, more reliable, and a natural part of how we travel.
  • Preparing for the future of mobility to be a community on the leading edge of the on-going technological transformation of urban mobility.

The fulfillment of these commitments will shape the future of how we move in Charlotte. Yet, they can only be fulfilled in complete partnership with all mobility stakeholders in our community.

Strategic Mobility Plan – Full Document (PDF, 66MB)

Sections of the Strategic Mobility Plan

The Strategic Mobility Plan is comprised of the following six sections:

  1. Our Mobility Vision establishes our mobility aspirations to serve as the foundation for our policies, strategies, and actions.
  2. Our State of Mobility documents our current conditions to illustrate the diversity of mobility needs and challenges in our community.
  3. Our Community Voices articulate our community concerns and desires to shape our mobility future.
  4. Our Mobility Policy defines and details our policy framework to align our partnerships and actions.
  5. Our Mobility Strategy illustrates our specific infrastructure strategies and investments to implement our mobility vision.
  6. Our Roles and Actions define how to measure and account for progress toward our objectives.

Strategic Mobility Plan

The Strategic Mobility Plan supports the implementation of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan (The Vision for Our Growth) together with the 2040 Policy Map (Land Use) and Unified Development Ordinance (Development).

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Charlotte Streets Manual

The Charlotte Streets Manual (Streets Manual) is a technical support document for implementing the Unified Development Ordinance.  The Streets Manual includes documentation for the Charlotte Streets Map, Access Management and Driveway Design, and the Comprehensive Transportation Review Guidelines for private land development.

The Streets Manual was adopted in August 2022, in coordination with the UDO.  Updates have been identified that are necessary to support the UDO.  Links to drafts of the amended document and a list of amendments are provided on the right side of this page.

Charlotte Streets Map

The Charlotte Streets Map is a citywide mobility policy map that categorizes Charlotte's arterial street network into defined street types that reflect our multimodal vision for our streets.  Each street type guides public and private investment to plan for and protect envisioned future streets that accommodate our multimodal needs (pedestrian, bike, transit, and car). The Streets Map for the Blue Line TOD station areas was adopted in 2018 along with the TOD zoning ordinance. The Citywide Streets Map was adopted alongside the Unified Development Ordinance and will replace the Blue Line Streets Map once the Unified Development Ordinance becomes effective in June 2023.

Access Management and Driveway Design

These guidelines define the design, location, and management of private access to our public street network, ensuring the safe and efficient access of all users. The Streets Manual updates and replaces the previous Driveway and Access Rules to reflect the mobility policies of the 2040 Plan and the regulations of the Unified Development Ordinance. 

Comprehensive Transportation Review Guidelines

These guidelines define the process for the transportation review of private land development projects, ensuring that new growth evaluates its mobility impact and identifies appropriate mitigation.  The Comprehensive Transportation Review guidelines updates and replaces the previous Traffic Impact Study guidelines to reflect the mobility policies of the 2040 Plan with a focus on multimodal investment and transportation demand management.