CMPD Hangar Relocation

  • Project typeCity Facilities
  • Project budgetTo be determined
  • Project phaseAdvanced Planning & Design

Virtual Public Meeting - April 10, 2024

View the recording of the virtual public meeting held on April 10, 2024

Project Overview

The City of Charlotte will relocate the existing CMPD helicopter hangar, which is currently located on Charotte-Douglas International Airport property, to a standalone site within city limits. The move is intended to give CMPD more space and accommodate future growth.

Public Involvement

The project team will host public meetings during the planning phase to provide an overview of the project and answer any questions. The following public meetings have taken place or are currently scheduled: 

Project Funding

This project is in advanced planning & design and is not yet funded for implementation. Projects in advanced planning are high-priority projects that are identified as candidates for potential future funding. This process of planning and design, which typically takes 12 to 18 months, will eventually produce a cost estimate and will be considered for inclusion in a future budget. Learn more about the Advanced Planning & Design Program.