General Services CAD Standards

The consultant shall perform all CAD-related services in accordance with the City of Charlotte General Services CAD standards. The following are guidelines and requirements for delivery and acceptance for electric plan submittals.

Important considerations

  • The consultant(s) shall inform the city project manager once they are prepared to upload 70 percent plans and 100 percent plans.
  • DWG files are required for review
  • The surveyor shall perform all base mapping services in the U.S. Survey Foot unit of measure
  • Any usage of Hydraflow shall be performed in Civil 3D 2016 SP2 or greater

CAD standards documents

NOTE: Most documents are zipped files that will automatically download when clicked on.

Engineering(ZIP, 92MB)

Stormwater(ZIP, 50MB)

Survey(ZIP, 6MB)

Topographic mapping specifications(PDF, 1002KB)