Reenie Askew, Assistant City Manager and Chief Information Officer

ACM Reenie Askew

As the City’s Assistant City Manager and Chief Information Officer, Reenie Askew combines business acumen with strong technical expertise to oversee Community Vitality which supports delivery of quality public services and promote the safety, health and quality of life for all residents, inclusive of prioritizing equity in service, digital access, and leading work to bridge the digital divide.

Reenie also oversees technology innovation and strategic planning and focuses on shaping the City's technology vision, strategy and performance, by building on Charlotte's reputation as a top-ranked digital city that leverages technology to enhance the resident experience, boost efficiencies, and increase government transparency and innovation.

Her senior leadership career spans public and commercial industries. Reenie is a key driver of transformational change. She is instrumental in leading complex business and technology initiatives, skillfully unifying diverse teams, technologies, and business to transform vision into reality. Reenie is passionate about mentorship, helping professionals build self-confidence and encouraging the pursuit of life-changing education and career opportunities.