Housing and Neighborhoods

Housing & Neighborhood Services showing 3 images of citizens and neighborhood sidewalk.


Housing & Neighborhood Services works with residents to create vibrant neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for all.

This work is done through five major service areas: CharMeck311, Code Enforcement, Community Engagement, Housing, and Equity, Mobility, & Immigrant Integration.


  1. Community Engagement: Develops partnerships, resources and training for stronger and safer neighborhoods
  2. Codes & Ordinances: Enforces the city's code ordinances to improve the appearance of the community and maintain standards for a lower crime rate and a higher quality of life 
  3. Housing Services: Provides resources for the development of workforce, assisted and special needs housing
  4. CharMeck 311:  Serves as a customer contact center providing information and services for customers in the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County 
  5. Equity, Mobility & Immigrant Integration: Creates welcoming communities through immigrant integration efforts and furthers equity and mobility opportunities for residents and employees

The Housing & Neighborhood Services Department is committed to creating positive resident experiences for individuals and their communities. Explore resources below.


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