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A stone bridge spanning a pond in Freedom Park

News & Announcements

(Oct. 20, 2023) - Mayor Lyles, Chair Brenda Mallory discuss the need for environmental justice

(Sept. 21, 2023) - City receives $1.1 million for tree care in Corridors of Opportunity

An orange striped oakworm on a bare branch


 Cankerworms conquered


close up of a spotted lanternfly



Seeing black and orange caterpillars on your oaks?

Caterpillars seen in August and September are orange-striped oakworms. Their favorite meal is oak leaves. Will they harm your oaks? 

Be a citizen scientist!

Participate in the Great Cankerworm Count and help us track the cankerworm population. Just band your tree and report what you see throughout the winter. 

Know your insects!

Most insects don't pose a threat to trees, but there are exceptions. Learn about the bugs that can weaken or even kill trees and what you can do to protect them.