Historic Elmwood Cemetery (est. 1853)

Elmwood cemetery After decades of using Old Settler's Cemetery as the primary burial place for Charlotte citizens, the city created a new, "rural-style" cemetery with burial spots laid out in spacious patterns to match the surrounding topography. Elmwood and other cemeteries of this style became the first public spaces for relaxation and recreation, and many of Charlotte's citizens used the space for walks, picnics and even carriage races. The first recorded interments at Elmwood Cemetery date back to 1853.

While Elmwood and Pinewood cemeteries are operated as and appear to be one, they were separated by a fence and had two distinct entrances until 1969. That was when Fred Alexander, Charlotte's first Black city council member since the 19th century, successfully led a movement to desegregate the cemeteries. Historically, white citizens were buried at Elmwood Cemetery, while Charlotte's Black citizens were buried at the adjacent Pinewood Cemetery

Many of Charlotte’s prominent citizens from this period are buried in Elmwood, including the following:

  • Governor Cameron Morrison
  • Dr. Annie Alexander, the first female physician in the south

  • Phillip Lance Van Every, who started Lance, Inc. and was a two-term mayor

  • John Motley Morehead, U.S. senator and congressman

  • Randolph Scott, famed classic film actor

Severs Log Cabin The Severs Log Cabin, which was carved from one 15-ton piece of granite, is just one of an array of unique and elaborate headstones and monuments that can be found in Elmwood. The cemetery also offers beautiful views of uptown Charlotte.

ArbNet Accredited Arboretum - Level I

Elmwood Cemetery is home to an astonishing array of tree species, many planted over the years by the families of those buried there. The cemetery became a Level I Accredited Arboretum through the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program in 2017. View a list of tree species and a tree map.

Wayfinding for biking and walking trails can be found at the West 6th Street entrance.

Learn more and take a virtual tour of Elmwood and Pinewood cemeteries.

Charges/ Services

Effective July 1, 2024

Sale of Grave/Niche Space
Grave Space Cost
Adult Grave Space $3,000
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. Grave Space $600
Cremains In-Ground Space $1,400
Perpetual Care Charge (one time fee on all above sales) $90 Infant/Child
$225 Cremains
25% Mausoleum


Opening and Closing Fees
Opening and Closing Cost
Adult Weekdays $1,300
Weekdays after 3:00 p.m. $2,700
Saturdays $2,500
Sundays & Holidays $3,000
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. Weekdays $600
Weekdays after 3:00 p.m. and Saturdays $800
Sundays & Holidays
Cremations (in-ground burial) Weekdays $700
Weekdays after 3:00 p.m. $800
Saturdays $1,200
Sundays & Holidays $1,750
Second Right of Interment $850
 Ossuary Burial $300
Disinterment Adult $3,500
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. $1,300
Reinterment Adult $1,300
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. $400


Sales/Installation of Amenities
Amenities Cost
Flower Vase Installation $120
Non-Permanent Burial Container/Adult $400
Tent, Chair or Cremation Setup $750
Sale and Installation of City Vase $300
Monument Foundation Construction (per square inch) $1
Marker Installation (per square inch) $1
Transfer Burial Rights $150
Special Request Maintenance (per hour)