South End Station

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Since the opening of the Blue Line in 2007, the South End area of Charlotte has experienced exponential growth. New developments, residents and businesses have increased the density of this area, and the need for accessible transit is apparent. What began as a way for pedestrians to safely cross the Blue Line Tracks has evolved into plans for a full-blown light rail station midway between the New Bern and East/West stations. 

The new station will be designed to the same standards as the recently constructed Blue Line Extension (BLE) stations. The project is a result of the partnership between CATS, Center City Partners, and nearby stakeholders, including private developers of residential, retail and office spaces in South End.

Goals for the project are to:  

  • Improve transit access to this rapidly developing area of the South End district. 

  • Provide pedestrians and bicyclists a safe connection across the Blue Line tracks. 

  • Complete the final Rail Trail segment between New Bern and Carson Stations. 

  • Reduce impacts to the Blue Line schedule during station construction when trains must operate on a single track. 

  • Minimize disruptions and noise to local residents and businesses during construction activities. 

  • Increase capacity of the drainage system across the Blue Line tracks. 


Blue line system current and proposed south end Map


 The South End Station will support the goals of the 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan, the 2025 Integrated Transit/Land Use Plan and the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan. The city is the grant recipient for the Federal Transit Administration funds to design, construct and operate the Blue Line and proposed South End Station project. 


Proposed south end expansion timeline displaying planning, design, construction and open for service

CATS will host public meetings with opportunities to learn about updates for the proposed South End Station on the Blue Line. The future station will be located between East / West Boulevard and New Bern Stations.