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Vanpools are a convenient, cost-effective way for four to 15 commuters to share their ride to work. A vanpool consists of a group of people who live or work near each other and share similar commuting schedules. Each vanpool tailors its schedule around the group's needs, with members deciding pick-up and drop-off locations and times. Riders are charged a monthly fee and CATS supplies the van, fuel, insurance and other administrative expenses. 

Vanpool at a Glance

  • CATS offers seven-passenger minivans and 15-passenger vans for vanpool vehicles.
  • Monthly fares are based on the average daily round-trip miles the vehicle travels each day.
  • At least two members of the group must qualify to be the primary driver and back-up driver.
  • Minimum of four individuals are needed to start a vanpool.

Join CATS Vanpool Video Transcript

foreign my name is Fred I operate a
vanpool out of Salisbury to Charlotte
every day I've been part of the vanpool
program for a little over 15 years
seconds I operate a 15 passenger van pool
currently we have nine Riders on board a
combination of Bankers attorney some
city employees and even a couple of
blind folks
example is a very flexible program that
works around everybody's schedule my van
alone takes nine cars off the road every
single day we have people on board that
sleep in the mornings take a nap in the
afternoon we have people that read books
and people that listen to the radio on
their way to work
me and my passenger save fuel costs
through the cats and pool program
joining the vanpool program is easy just
go to

Want to Join a Vanpool?

Complete and submit the vanpool form to get started. Once the form has been submitted a vanpool coordinator will contact you to help match you with others in your area. You may fill out the vanpool form below.