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Man working for CATS is hooking the electrical bus up to the electrical station for charging The eSERVE Academy is a nationally-unprecedented program that provides a gateway for potential employees to move their careers forward efficiently, thanks to Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) being awarded $30 million from the Federal Transit Administration to continue the advancement of its sustainability and resiliency efforts. CATS created this program in order to attract and train qualified individuals for high-demand, technical roles by offering a comprehensive range of workforce development activities and forming strategic community partnerships. eSERVE is designed to meet the industry’s highest standards, ensuring that employees receive the skills necessary to navigate their jobs.

Operating and maintaining a commercial motor vehicle requires a high level of knowledge, experience, skills and physical abilities. Applicants to the academy enter either as apprentices or academy participant, embarking on a journey that can lead to diverse career paths within the transit industry. Whether they aspire to become a bus operator, rail CATS person helping a cats worker with some paper work


operator or maintenance technician, our program provides the foundation for their success. Within the Academy, we are also thrilled to offer a comprehensive Commercial Drivers License (CDL) training program for participants without a CDL permit, which will create a pathway for interested candidates to obtain the licensure necessary to operate and maintain vehicles within the CATS system. Bus and Rail Operations trainings take approximately six months to one year to complete, inclusive of CATS’s required CDL training, while the Maintenance apprenticeship and technician programs spans from one to two years.

Throughout training, academy participants will have access to a range of resources and support, including career coaching, customized on-the-job skills training, maintenance shop of cats working on a railcar


apprenticeship opportunities, vocational training and assessments to track their progress. We believe in creating a supportive environment that nurtures each individual’s growth and sets them up for a successful future.

CATS is proud to collaborate with local education institutions, community organizations and seasoned employees to launch this new program. These partnerships ensure that our training aligns with industry and state standards so that each cohort receives the highest quality education.


We are looking forward to putting this incredible academy in place, and anticipate the CDL training portion to begin early 2023, with full eSERVE Academy launching mid-year of 2024. We invite you to stay in touch for the latest updates on applications and other news. Email for more information.