Leadership Team

Interim CEO Brent Cagle smiling in front of a gray backdrop Brent Cagle - Interim Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Brent Cagle brings extensive experience in aviation and municipal management to his role in the City of Charlotte's City Manager’s Office. As of December 2023, he has taken on the responsibilities of Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). Under his leadership, CATS continues to deliver essential transit services throughout Charlotte and its neighboring towns in Mecklenburg County.

Before his current tenure with the City Manager’s Office, Mr. Cagle expertly managed the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) as the Aviation Director. He joined the CLT team in February 2012, first contributing his expertise as the Airport Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and then steering the airport as its CEO from July 2013.

Mr. Cagle’s career roots extend to the City of Phoenix, where he served as the CFO for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Additionally, he spent a decade honing his financial and budgeting skills in various roles within the Phoenix municipal framework.

Academically, Mr. Cagle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University, complemented by a Masters of Public Administration from Texas Tech University. His proficiency in airport administration is further endorsed by his status as a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives. His robust background positions him as a stalwart leader, well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of urban transit and municipal services.


Chad Howell - Chief Financial OfficerCFO Chad Howell smiling in front of a window..

As the Chief Financial Officer, Chad Howell expertly directs a multifaceted portfolio that includes Accounting Operations, Budget Oversight, Contract Management, Financial Controls as well as our Civil Rights and Procurement divisions. With a vigilant eye on fiscal health and an unwavering commitment to transparency and ethical practices, Chad ensures that our financial infrastructure supports and aligns with our organizational goals and values.



Victoria Johnson smiling with the Charlotte skyline in the background

Victoria Johnson – Interim Chief Operations Officer

Victoria Johnson is at the forefront of ensuring operational excellence within our organization. As the Interim Chief Operations Officer, she leads with strategic vision and an unwavering dedication to service. Victoria steers the vital components of our operations, including Rail Operations, Paratransit Services, Facilities Management and the Operations Training Division. Her comprehensive oversight is pivotal in delivering reliable and efficient services that our community relies on every day.



CAO Elizabeth Presuitti smiling in front of a white backdropElizabeth Presutti – Chief Administrative Officer

Elizabeth Presutti holds the critical position of Chief Administrative Officer, where she is the driving force behind our core administrative functions. Elizabeth's portfolio includes Human Resources, Workforce and Organizational Development, Marketing, Customer Service, Pass Sales, Technology, Boards Management and Administrative Support. Elizabeth upholds the organization’s commitment to excellence and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.



CDO Kelly Goforth smiling in front of a window Kelly Goforth – Chief Development Officer

Kelly Goforth, in her strategic role as Chief Development Officer, orchestrates the execution of key growth initiatives across the organization. She manages an extensive portfolio that encompasses Engineering, Art in Transit, Real Estate and Transit-Oriented Development, Capital Planning and Asset Management, Quality Assurance and Project Development. Kelly also spearheads critical projects including the Red Line, Silver Line and Gold Line, each representing significant milestones in our journey towards enhanced connectivity.



Chief Transit Planning officer Jason Lawrence smiling Jason Lawrence – Chief Transit Planning Officer

Jason Lawrence, as the Chief Planning Officer, lays the groundwork for a sustainable and customer-centric future in transportation. He leads our Sustainability, Service Planning and Development, Scheduling and Operations Planning, Strategic Planning and Customer Experience. Jason advocates for service designs and innovations that prioritize the needs and preferences of our riders, ensuring their voices are not only heard but also reflected in the services we provide.