Better Bus/Envision My Ride

Better Bus Plan Strategies to Implement Envision My Ride

What is the CATS Envision My Ride: Better Bus Plan?

In June 2022, CATS received a competitive Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant for Route Restoration Planning. This phase of planning focuses on making bus services better by building upon recommendations from the Envision My Ride and Bus Priority Study and moves towards implementing new infrastructure for customers who ride the bus. The goal is to actively improve bus services for everyone, especially in areas that need them most. 

An arrow graph that displays the plan from envision my ride in 2018 to service changes in 2025

This plan will build on past recommendations and leverage additional community input to fine-tune recommendations for mobility hubs, microtransit, bus stops and corridor infrastructure improvements that will:

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Make it easier for people to use bus service


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Make bus trips faster


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Improve bus services in communities with limited mobility options

Why change the bus network?

As the world and how people travel is changing, CATS wants to adapt its bus system to meet the current needs of the community. A better bus network for Charlotte will help the community be open, accessible and connected for everyone. These improvements are a critical component to the City of Charlotte’sStrategic Mobility Planand CATS’ mission to support and expand needed service throughout the region.

Bridging equity gaps through CATS bus network

Two benefits of bridging equity gaps through CATS bus service include:

- Improved quality of life: A Better Bus Network will make it easier for people to get around and will create more opportunities for economic mobility.

- Enhanced mobility: By adding new services like microtransit and on-demand rides, CATS will create better ways for people in Charlotte and nearby towns to travel, giving them access to more opportunities.


Learn more about how the bus system is directly impacting rider's daily lives and why these improvements are so important to them: 



Envision My Ride: Bus Priority Study - Rider's Stories Transcript

together envision my ride in the bus priority study are working to help cats build a better bus network envision my ride developed a plan which includes more frequent service better crosstown connections and more direct service to connect you to the places you need to go the bus priority study continues the work by recommending ways in which cats can make bus service more reliable quicker and convenient for riders

i use public transportation to go to school go shopping go to work see friends mostly from home baity sport road to downtown to the doctor and to do my shopping maybe this job right here i need to be able to get here and uh and cat gets me from point a to point b the bus is my only mean of transportation getting around the bus priority study is also recommending new priority bus treatments to help make sure buses come on time these treatments include transit signal priority which allows buses to communicate with traffic signals to get a green light

and q jumps which provide buses with the dedicated space at the intersection and helps to allow them to jump ahead of stalled traffic

if the buses were more reliable it would be a better way of policy of life and independence for us i would have a little more time to come and drink me some coffee eat some breakfast and be ready to go to work you can get there on time it improves a whole lot people get to work on time and get where they need to be you

What's Next?

As we head towards implementing projects, we will be actively seeking public input from across the region. Below is a timeline for the plan process and when public outreach activities will occur. 

Graph from 2023 to 2025 displaying 3 public outreach sessions and 4 technical studies

What is Envision My Ride: Bus Priority Study?

Envision My Ride: Bus Priority Study is a planning initiative increase the reliability of the current bus system. Since 2018, the Envision My Ride initiative has made paramount changes to the CATS bus network structure and frequency. These changes have included:

  • More frequent bus service

  • More direct bus service

  • More crosstown and suburb to suburb connections

  • Greater connectivity between different routes to improve transfer opportunities