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Welcome to CATS Chronicles, a blog where we share stories about all things public transit in the greater Charlotte area.

CATS Blog clickable picture that says Art on the move: Celebrating world art day through transit

Graphic with text : Building Together: Gratitude and Dedication

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CATS Blog clickable picture, that says - From Chalkboards to Control Panels: The K-12 Teacher's Transition to Transit Training

CATS Chronicles

CATS blog card with blue background that says Women's History Month Melissa Fields

Title graphic that says: Transit Pioneers: Ms. Willaett Grier’s Road to Retiring a Legend 30 Years of Dedication and No Tardies. A Chapter in Women’s History

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Image reads: Transit Pioneers: The Women Shaping Our Commutes, How CATS’ First Woman CEO, Carolyn Flowers, Broke New Ground in the Transit Industry

CATS Chronicles

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