Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC)

CATS light rail number 314 arriving to the station

The Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) is the policy board for the Charlotte Area Transit System and has responsibility for reviewing and recommending all long-range public transportation plans. The Board reviews the transit system's operating and capital programs, and makes recommendations to the affected governments for their approval and funding of those programs. The MTC is a public body, and in addition to holding monthly public meetings, it conducts public involvement programs designed to gain community input on transit planning. 


Long-term development planning of the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) as a regional system is based on the July 1998 "2025 Integrated Transit/Land-Use Plan for Charlotte-Mecklenburg", created by the City and County, with significant participation by the six suburban Towns of Davidson, Huntersville, Cornelius, Pineville, Matthews, and Mint Hill. In November 1998, the citizens of Mecklenburg County approved the levy of a one-half cent sales tax to be used to finance public transportation systems. A Transit Governance Interlocal Agreement was negotiated and then signed in February 1999 between the County, the City and the six Towns. The Interlocal Agreement defines the relationships and mechanisms which guide the planning, financing and implementation of the 2025 Transit/Land-Use Plan and updates to that plan.

The 2025 Plan and the Interlocal Agreement called for the involved local governments to share responsibility and accountability for regional transit services under five guiding principles:

- Coordinated transit operations on a countywide basis;

- Elected bodies to retain the responsibility of approving long-range transit planning and implementation;

- Public involvement;

- Representation of Town interests; and

- Flexibility and expandability to allow for integration of areas outside the County.


MTC meetings usually occur the fourth Wednesday of every month beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (CMGC), 600 East Fourth Street, Room 267. These meetings are open to the public. 

Upcoming Meetings: Visit the Boards and Commissions page

Public Comment:  If you would like to sign up to speak during the public comment portion of any of these boards’ meeting, please complete the online speaker sign-up form or call (704) 353-1794 for assistance or if you require special accommodations.

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MTC Members


The MTC is composed of voting members from the cities and towns located in Mecklenburg County and non-voting members from the surrounding counties to ensure regional involvement. The voting members include the Mayors of Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill and Pineville, the Chairman of the Board of Mecklenburg County Commissioners and the regional representative from the North Carolina Board of Transportation. The MTC also includes five non-voting members representing local governments outside Mecklenburg County to ensure regional involvement including from the South Carolina Department of Transportation. The MTC is staffed by the Charlotte Area Transit System, a department of the City of Charlotte. 


Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg county commissioner Leigh Altman

County Representative: Leigh Altman, Commissioner, At-Large, MTC Chair

Email address:

County Alternate: Dena Diorio, County Manager

Email address:

Town of Davidson

Davidson mayor Rusty Knox

Town Representative: Rusty Knox, Mayor, MTC Vice-Chair

Email address:

Town Alternate: James JusticeTown Manager

Email address:

City of Charlotte

City of Charlottes Maylor Vi Lyles

City Representative: Vi Lyles, Mayor

Email address:

City Alternate: Marcus JonesCity Manager

Email address:

Town of Cornelius

Cornelius mayor Woody Washam

Town Representative: Woody WashamMayor

Email address:

Town Alternate: Andrew GrantTown Manager

Email address:

Town of Huntersville


Town Representative: Christy ClarkMayor

Email address:

Town Alternate: Anthony RobertsTown Manager

Email address:

Town Alternate: Jackie HuffmanDeputy Town Manager

Email address:

Town of Matthews

Matthews mayor John Higdon

Town Representative: John HigdonMayor

Email address:

Town Alternate: Becky HawkeTown Manager

Email address:

Town Alternate: Renee Garner, Commissioner

Email address:

Town Alternate: C.J. O'NeillPublic Works Director

Email address:

Town of Mint Hill

Mint Hill mayor Brad Simmons

Town Representative: Brad SimmonsMayor

Email address:

Town Alternate: Brian WelchTown Manager

Email address:

Town of Pineville

Pineville mayor David Phillips

Town Representative: David PhillipsMayor

Email address:

Town Alternate: Ryan SpitzerTown Manager

Email address:

NC Department of Transportation

NCDOT representative Tony Lathrop

NCDOT Representative: Tony Lathrop, Board of Transportation, Division 10

Email address:


Non-voting Regional Representatives

City of Concord

Regional Representative: Williams DuschMayor


Regional Alternate: Lloyd PayneCity Manager

Email address:

Regional Alternate: L.J. Weslowski, Transit Director for Concord Kannapolis Area Transit (Rider)

Email address:

City of Gastonia

Regional Representative: Richard FranksMayor

Email address:

Alternate Representative: Michael Peoples, City Manager

Email address:

Alternate Representative: Randi Gates, Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization Administrator

Email address:

City of Monroe

Regional Representative: Robert BurnsMayor

Email address:

Alternate Representative: Mark WatsonCity Manager

Email address:

Town of Indian Trail

Regional Representative: David CohnMayor

Email address:

Regional Alternate: Todd Barber, Mayor Pro Tem

Email address:

Town of Mooresville

Regional Representative: Chris CarneyMayor

Email address:

Regional Alternate: Jim Landon, Interim Town Manager

Email address:

Regional Alternate: Bill Thunberg, Executive Director at Lake Norman Transportation Commission

Email address:

Town of Stallings

Regional Representative: Wyatt DunnMayor

Email address:

Regional Alternate: David Scholl, Mayor Pro-Term

Email address:

York County

Regional Representative: John GettysMayor, City of Rock Hill

Email address:

Regional Alternate: David VehaunCity Manager, City of Rock Hill

Email address:

SCDOT Representative