Mission, Vision & Pillars

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To provide essential mobility solutions that connect communities to opportunity, places and each other.


To meet the mobility needs of every community member.


To achieve the CATS Vision, the following fundamental pillars have been established to guide development and operation of the regional public transit system: 


Access IconAccessibility

Ease in which community members can use public transit to travel to places of employment, education centers, medical facilities or other life necessities.


Sustainability IconSustainability

Environmentally friendly transit options that work to decrease CO2 emissions in the greater Charlotte area and create a healthier community.


Equity IconEquity

Providing accessible and affordable transit solutions that benefit community members of all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.


Safety IconSafety

Enforcing CATS Safety Management System through the Agency Safety Plan (ASP) that ensures riders, employees and contractors can work and travel safely and securely on the public transit system.