Code of Conduct

The following has been adapted from Charlotte Code Sec. 15-272 and 15-273. Any violation of these articles may be enforced by the issuance of a civil penalty in the amount of $50 or by arrest.


It is unlawful for any person to commit the following acts on a CATS or LYNX vehicle:

  • Smoke, vape or carry any lighted tobacco product or expel the residue of any other tobacco product including chewing tobacco

  • Consume any alcoholic beverage or possess an open container of any alcoholic beverage

  • Engage in disruptive, disturbing behavior including: loud conversation, profanity or rude insults, or operating any electronic device used for sound without an earphone(s

  • Take any animal onto a vehicle unless its purpose is to assist a person with a disability or in training activities

  • Carry, possess or have within immediate access any dangerous weapon

  • Possess or transport any flammable liquid, combustible material or other dangerous substance such as gasoline, kerosene or propane

  • Litter

  • Vandalize the vehicle or station platform by writing, marking, scribbling, defacing or causing damage to the vehicle or platform facilities in any manner

  • Beg by forcing yourself upon another person

  • Excrete any bodily fluid or spit upon or at another person on the vehicle or station platform

  • Possess, use or sell any controlled substance

  • Lying down on seats, benches or tables at stations and bus stops

  • Standing, sitting or lying within 2 feet of the edge of the rail station platforms except for boarding and exiting the light rail vehicle

  • Skating or skateboarding on station platforms

  • Trespassing upon any area not open to the public and posted as such