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Appendix A: Envision My Ride Recommendations(PDF, 323KB)

Appendix B: Corridor Evaluation Technical Memorandum(PDF, 59MB)

Appendix C: Corridor Recommendations Technical Memorandum(PDF, 5MB)

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Appendix E: Microtransit Technical Memorandum(PDF, 3MB)

Appendix F: Capital and Operating Costs Technical Memorandum (PDF, 861KB)

What is Envision My Ride: Bus Priority Study?

Envision My Ride: Bus Priority Study is a planning initiative increase the reliability of the current bus system. Since 2018, the Envision My Ride initiative has made paramount changes to the CATS bus network structure and frequency. These changes have included:

  • More frequent bus service

  • More direct bus service

  • More crosstown and suburb to suburb connections

  • Greater connectivity between different routes to improve transfer opportunities

Where are we now?

Throughout 2021, the project team has engaged with riders regarding the reliability of the bus system. By addressing reliability, CATS aims to provide faster commutes, direct routes and enhanced connectivity throughout the region. Several infrastructure treatments may improve reliability including:

  • Transit signal priority and queue jumps

  • Bus stop amenities including shelters, real-time arrival information, and off-board fare payment

  • Bus stop design improvements to ensure that stops are accessible for all users

  • Mobility Hubs, or enhanced transit stops, to improve transfer connections between buses and other modes of travel (such as ride share programs and bicycles)

  • Consolidation, removal, and addition of certain bus stops

  • Dedicated bus lanes and shared bus/bike lanes

Take an in-depth look at these treatments on the Envision My Ride: Bus Priority Study hub.

CATS will present these final findings to the Metropolitan Transit Commission for adoption in Spring/Summer of 2022.

Previous Stages of Envision My Ride:


CATS began implementing Envision My Ride in March 2018 to provide more bus connections to the newly opened LYNX Blue line extension. A system-wide overhaul was implemented in October 2018 to provide additional crosstown service, streamline routes where possible, and add service to new destinations throughout Charlotte.

CATS will continue to roll out structural improvements and additional service as future stages of Envision My Ride: Bus Priority Study are implemented.


CATS continues to move towards providing greater frequency on bus routes. Through Envision My Ride, the number of bus routes that operate every 15-minutes or better will increase from 5 (five) in 2018 to nearly 20 routes in total.

In February 2020, CATS also introduced MetroRapid, a revamped express service between Uptown Charlotte and the North Meck. Communities of Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville. MetroRapid takes advantage of the new I-77 express lanes and serves as the beginning stage of CATS' MetroRAPID BRT Study.