Bill Questions

Can I view my bill online?

Yes, you can view and pay your water bill online by logging into Charlotte Water's payment portal.

How do I get water turned on in my name?

  1. Contact us by telephone - Dial 311 or 704.336.7600
  2. Have ready to provide your Social Security Number or Employer Tax Identification Number

A fee for new service will be applied to the first bill.

Can a family member or roommate call about the bill?

Yes, you can add someone to your account so they can inquire about your bill. Call 311 or 704.336.7600 to authorize an additional name to the account.

The primary account holder is financially responsible for paying the water bill.

What is a Ccf?

Ccf is an abbreviation for 100 cubic feet. This is a unit of measure which equals 748 gallons.

When should I expect my first bill?

Your first bill could arrive up to 60 days from the time water is turned on depending on when your bill is mailed during the billing cycle.

What's the fastest method to pay my bill to restore service or pay a delinquent bill?

Payments made in person at an authorized retail cash payment location or at a government service center before 5 p.m. will post that same day. Another option is to pay by telephone before 5 p.m. by calling 311. (Convenience fees may apply.)