Mountain Island Lake Lyngbya Management For Water Quality

Published on April 12, 2024


Our excellent drinking water starts with protecting the source, The Catawba River. Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is part of the Catawba-Wateree Water Management Group (CWWMG), which manages the river and lake system.


A new program by the CWWMG will ensure algae and other bacteria do not negatively affect our source water.


Lyngbya, a thick blue-green algae grows year-round at the bottom of freshwater lakes throughout the southeastern US. Currently, Lyngbya infestation levels are low in Mountain Island Lake. We want to keep it low. Thanks to the efforts of the CWWMG, a treatment program was developed, funding 21 acres of Lyngbya treatment throughout Mountain Island Lake. This program will reduce the spread of Lyngbya.


The treatment program will span from April to September, using EPA-approved chelated copper-based algaecides. This proactive approach to environmental management is a testament to the community's commitment to safeguarding the lake.


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