​Land Development (Donated Projects)

**Starting January 1, 2021, CLT Water will begin permitting 8-inch and larger sewer laterals serving more than one structure as mainline extensions. Additional information may be found on the CLT Water Commercial Service Connections page.


Donated Projects consist of developer-funded water and sewer installations performed by the developer's contractor under CLT Water inspection. Upon approval by CLT Water, the developer donates the water and sewer infrastructure to CLT Water for maintenance.


The Process

  • The developer hires Engineer to design plans and submit to Charlotte Water for review/approval.
  • CLT Water approved plans are permitted.
  • Contracts are executed between CLT Water and Developer.
  • CLT Water approved plans are released for construction.
  • North Carolina Licensed Utility Contractor performs the construction of the water distribution and sanitary sewer systems.
  • Charlotte Water Inspectors witness the construction and perform all necessary testing and authorize Charlotte Water to take over the project for ownership and maintenance upon acceptance of all required documentation.
  • The water distribution and sanitary sewer systems then become the property of Charlotte Water.
  • Developer/builder shall pay system development fees and request meters to be set through CLT Water Customer Service.

Initial Plan Submittals

Plans shall be submitted through the City of Charlotte Land Development Accela electronic portal. 

The following should be included if applying for public water/sewer through Donated Projects: 

  • Set of plans (24x36 – ARCH D size) unlocked pdf digital copy without any untitled viewports 
  • Land development grading plan with current and future topography.
  • Check for plan review/inspection fees (these are collected up front and review will not begin until plan review fees have been paid)
  • Self-Certified Donated Projects Plan Review Checklist signed and sealed by engineer
  • Conceptual and/or pre-submittal meeting minutes, if applicable
    • Conceptual meetings are required for water main relocations 16” and larger, low-pressure sewer, pump stations and projects that have trunk lines outside of the natural drainage pattern or the engineer is choosing between multiple options on how the property is served. 
    • Pre-submittal meetings are required if any variances to CLTW design standards are requested. Please schedule a meeting with CLTW plan review staff to obtain approval.  Must show constraints and alternate considerations before approval is granted.
  • Copy of as-builts with tie-in location marked

Enhanced Review

Charlotte Water is participating in the City of Charlotte Land Development enhanced review program, allowing customers to pay fees in addition to standard review fees for an enhanced plan review. Additional information may be found on the City of Charlotte Land Development website.

Plan Review/Inspection Fees

All fees are to be paid when plans are submitted for review.  

Fees are collected at:
Charlotte Water
Installation and Development Services
600 East 4th Street, Suite 020
Charlotte, NC 28202


If you have a question about the fees, please email your inquiry.

Please contact us for further assistance with Plan SubmittalsWater/Sewer EncroachmentsCO HoldsWater Meters, or call 704.336.1421.



Development Services Plan Review Submittal Processes

Quick Reference Development Guidelines(PDF, 104KB)


Land Development Projects (Donated Projects):

Service Connection Site Plans:

  • All 1.5" and larger water services and manifold assemblies require New Service site plan review.
  • All 6" and larger sewer services require New Service site plan review.
  • Plans shall be submitted to the CLT Water Customer Service email address.
  • Plans shall include adequate new service details.
  • Submittal requirements may be found on the Service Connections page.

Capacity Assurance/Willingness to Serve:

Private Water Distribution System Plans:

Backflow Prevention Plans: