Water Outage

Some water outages appear on the @CLTWater Twitter page.

A water outage can occur if:

  • A crew is repairing a drinking water pipe nearby and have to turn water off. Occasionally crews do not have time to notify everyone.
  • Construction work requires a planned (notified in advanced) or an unplanned water outage occurs.
  • Water bill is past due and disconnected (typically receive a notice on bill and phone call prior to disconnection).


Step 1.Check front door

For possible notice of planned water outage or repair crew on street.

Step 2.If outage in neighborhood,

Call 311 or 704.336.7600 for updates or check @CLTWater on Twitter.

Step 3.If past due bill needs to be paid,

Call 311 or 704.336.7600. Follow prompts to pay via phone.

Step 4.Once water is restored:

  1. Run cold water from outside spigots (weather permitting) to clear trapped air and discolored water from plumbing.
  2. Remove aerators from faucets (looks like grill where water comes out) by hand or jar opener.
  3. Run cold water from inside faucets and bathtub spigots until water is clear or up-to 15 minutes.
  4. If water doesn't clear up within 15 minutes, call 311 or 704.336.7600 for assistance.
  5. Flush out water heater according to manufacturer's website or owner's manual if needed (if you experience cloudy or discolored water when running hot water).