Ticket Vending Machine

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Purchasing Your Ticket

LYNX tickets can be purchased at self-service ticket vending machines (TVMs) located on all rail station platforms. TVMs sell one-way, one-day, seven-day and round-trip passes.

Purchasing Your Ticket is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Select Ticket Type

To begin your purchase, first select the type of ticket by pressing the corresponding numbered buttons on the sides of the screen. The QUICK TICKET button automatically selects one one-way adult ticket. The maximum amount of tickets that can be purchased in one transaction is 5 tickets. 

2. Insert Payment

Once you've selected all your tickets, begin inserting your payment option, such as cash, credit card or change card. The largest bill accepted is $20. Coins can be used, but pennies are not accepted. "CATS Tokens" are accepted, their value is equivalent to a one way ride. 

Accepted credit cards include Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Discover. For your added security, TVMs are equipped with chip-credit card readers. If your credit card is chip-activated, a blue light will flash at the bottom of the credit card reader. Insert your card in the slot. Input your PIN number or zip code, if prompted. If your card is not chip-activated, you must swipe your card on the side of the reader. If the card is denied, you will receive a message that says "Card Not Approved" with a denial sound. If payment is approved, the reader will sound indicating for you to remove your credit card. All transactions will run as credit.

When using a change card, insert the card in the labeled slot. The change card will return to you with the remaining balance and the time and date it was used listed on the back.

3. Take Your Ticket

Once your payment is confirmed, your ticket(s) and/or change card, if applicable, will be printed. Remove your ticket(s) and don't forget any change. If a ticket cannot be printed a paper receipt will be printed that can be used as proof of fare. If both a ticket or a receipt cannot be printed then a code will be displayed on the screen that the purchaser can take a picture of and use as proof of fare. Transactions receipts are only offered for credit transactions and not cash transactions. 

The TVM will provide change in the form of bills, coins and/or change card on a single transaction based of change availability. Bills issued as change will come out of the bill inserting device.

How to Use the TVM

LYNX TVMs are bilingual in English and Spanish. To activate the Spanish language feature, please select the LANGUAGE button.


Transcript for How To Use A Ticket Vending Machine

as you prepare to ride the Lynx blue
line there are several ticket purchasing
options available today we're going to
discuss how to use the ticket vending
machines remember the Lynx blue line
uses a proof of payment fare collection
system you must possess a ticket with a
valid date and time in order to ride
self-service ticket vending machines are
located on all length station platforms
TBMs sell a variety of tickets including
one way one day 7 day and round-trip
tickets please remember that all 10 ride
passes sts yellow tickets and cash are
not accepted on board links Blue Line
trains using the TVM is as easy as 1-2-3
first begin by selecting the type of
ticket that you'd like by pressing the
corresponding number buttons if you just
need a one ride select the quick ticket
button on the next screen select your
rider category you can add or subtract
tickets using numbers next to the plus
and minus signs for each category your
selected tickets will appear in the
middle of the screen
remember when purchasing a senior
disabled or youth ticket you must have a
valid transit ID school ID or medicare
card now insert your payment you can pay
with cash credit card smart card or
change card
when using a change card insert the card
in the labelled slot the change card
will return to you with the remaining
balance and the time and date it was
used listed on the back once your
payment is confirmed your tickets will
be printed remove your ticket and don't
forget any change in the event that the
TVM is low or out of change a change
card will be issued now I'm ready to
ride remember you must have a valid pass
in order to ride the Lynx blue line cats
safety and security personnel will check
for valid tickets and passes on trains
and on rail station platforms failure to
possess a valid ticket or pass could
result in a $50 citation and you may
face a class three misdemeanor charge
if you need more information please
ww-with us



Ticket Vending Machine Ticket

A one-way ticket is valid for one light rail trip in one direction. It expires 105 minutes from the time indicated on the ticket and customers can get on and off if they continue in the same original direction of travel during that 105-minute period. Customers needing only one adult one-way ticket may use the QUICK TICKET feature to save time.

One-way tickets and round-trip passes can be used to transfer to the bus service if used within 105 minutes of the time of purchase. If you are riding a higher priced service like an express or express plus bus service, you will need to pay the difference aboard the bus.

A one-day ticket is valid for one calendar day and expires at midnight on the day issued. A one-day ticket may be used on both bus and light rail services if time and date have not expired.

A round-trip ticket is valid for one round-trip to and from your destination on the day purchased.

A seven-day pass is valid for seven consecutive days once issued and can be used on both the bus and light rail. Seven-day pass expire at midnight on the seventh day.

Bus transfers are valid on LYNX if used within the time indicated on the back of the transfer.

Change Cards

Ticket Vending Machine Change Card

In the event, a TVM is low or out of change, a change card will be issued. Any funds due to the customer will be issued via a change card provided by the machine. 

A change card can be used in the TVM to purchase another ticket or on the bus to pay for your ride. Please note a change card does not serve as a ticket to ride. At the TVM, please insert in labeled slot when you're ready to purchase. When you use a change card, the card will be returned to you with the remaining balance listed on the back of the card. The maximum amount of change is $20.  A change card also will be issued if the TVM malfunctions.

Change cards are not refundable and must be used on a CATS service.  Refunds will be issued only with proof of residency 35 miles outside of Charlotte.  If you need assistance, please contact CATS customer service at 704.336.2637.

Safety and Security

CATS TVMs are under constant video surveillance. It is unlawful to tamper with TVMs or damage CATS property. Failure to abide by the law could result in arrest and loss of CATS riding privileges.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

The TVMs are ADA compliant with braille and audio to assist customers.  An earphone jack is also provided for audio.  To access the instructions verbally, press the AUDIO button.  To increase the volume, press and hold the AUDIO button to the desired volume level.  To hear the instructions in Spanish, press the LANGUAGE button.  All buttons have braille for assistance.