Archdale Station

Archdale Station

6230 South Blvd.

Charlotte, NC 28217

Art for Archdale Station


  • Covered waiting area
  • Platform is on the bridge and is accessible by stairs and an elevator 
  • Park and Ride 432 parking spaces
  • Ticket vending machines with passenger assist
  • Emergency call box
  • Lighted station
  • Water fountain
  • Seating 
  • Automatic audio announcements
  • Wheelchair accessible platform
  • Public art
  • Bike lockers


Station Art


Art for Archdale Station

Featured Artists:

  • Richard C. Elliot, Tower of Light, elevator, acrylic reflectors
  • Alice Adams, Planter Bench, ground level; Samaras Stamp, sidewalk

  • Nancy Blum, Dogwood, drinking fountain basins

  • Leticia Huerta, Gingham, pavers, shelter windscreens and column cladding
  • Marek Ranis, Enhancement, bridges and walls