Pet Safety and Wellness

Part of ACC 's mission is to make sure the public is well informed of potential dangers where they live. This includes weather, traveling, boarding, and illnesses. These pages have information for pet owners to help keep their pets safe, healthy, and happy.

Pet Resources for Senior Citizens - This is a great guide for seniors who have pets or are thinking of owning a pet and resources for topics from pet ownership to adoption to state sponsored organizations.

In the following pages below, you will find safety tips for you, your family, and, of course, your pets. There are different dangers for each season and pet owners should know what to be on the lookout for each season of the year.
There are also a number of holidays during each season of which family and friends gather to celebrate...anything! To make sure that you, your family and your pets stay safe during the holidays, you'll find helpful tips with this ASPCA Pro checklist.

To get some travel and boarding safety tips, visit the Animal Care Education page.

Some of the biggest safety factors is keeping your pet current on their rabies shots, making sure that they have their city/county licenses up-to-date, and making sure that they are microchipped.

ACC recommends microchipping your pet.  It's permanent identification for your pet.  All of our ACC trucks are equipped with microchip scanners and every animal that is picked up is immediately scanned for a microchip.  If a chip is located the animal can be returned home immediately, without having to come to the shelter.  ACC also encourages everyone who has a pet that's microchipped to register your pet in our local database for FREE.

Register your pets microchip.