Citizens Resources

These are dedicated resources that should be helpful for citizens and/or victims of crimes. Please let us know how we are doing by taking the CMPD Customer Service Survey

Counseling Resources

Alexander Youth Network
address: 6220 Thermal Rd. Charlotte, NC 28222
phone: 704-366-8712
Description of Services: Alexander Youth Network provides an array of services to treat children with, or at risk for, serious emotional disturbance. Services include day treatment, foster care, adoption counseling, community-based services and shelter for children in crisis along with mentoring for children involved with the juvenile justice system.

Behavioral Health Center - CMC Randolph
address: 501 Billingsley Rd. Charlotte, NC 28211
phone: 704-336-6404 Area Mental Health
704-358-2800 Mental Health Emergencies - Suicide/Crisis Line
Description of Services: BHC/CMC Randolph offers services for children and adults in the areas of mental illness, developmental disability, and substance abuse..

Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center
address: 100 Billingsley Rd. Charlotte, NC 28211
phone: 704-376-7447
Description of Services: The CDC is a private non-profit organization that promotes wellness in our community by providing compassionate treatment and prevention services to impact the disease of addiction.

Child Development - Community Policing Program (CD-CP)
address: 3500 Ellington St. Charlotte, NC 28211
Program Director: Stacey Butler
phone: 704-591-0061
Description of Services: The CD-CP program provides crisis intervention services to children who witness or are a victim of violence. CD-CP is a partnership with the Mecklenburg County Provided Services Organization and CMPD. CD-CP currently serves all patrol divisions. Police Officers in these divisions will make referrals on appropriate cases.

Domestic Violence Hotline
phone: 1-800-799-7233
Description of Services: 24 hour listening line and referral source for victims of domestic violence.

Eckerd Youth Alternatives
phone: 1-800-554-4357
Description of Services: The North Carolina Eckerd Wilderness Camps serve boys and girls, ages 10 through 17, with behavioral problems. The camps are year-round, staff-secure, residential therapeutic programs, providing an alternative to more restrictive programs.

Kinder Mourn
address: 1320 Harding Place Charlotte, NC 28204
phone: 704-376-2580
Description of Services: Kinder Mourn exists to provide a safe haven for families whose lives have been shattered by the death of a child. In addition to services for bereaved parents, Kinder Mourn assists children and young people who are grieving the death of a family member or friend. Kinder Mourn's professional grief facilitators provide individual and group counseling at the KM Home, in designated schools and neighborhood community centers.

National Gay/Lesbian Youth Hotline
phone: 1-800-347-TEEN (8336)
Description of Services: Listening line and referral source for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. Hours 5:00-9:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety Compensation Services
address: 4703 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-4703
phone: 1-800-826-6200 (in NC or 919-733-7974)
Description of Services: The Dept. of Crime Control and Public Safety's Compensation Services reimburses citizens who suffer medical expenses and lost wages as a result of being an innocent victim of a crime committed in North Carolina. Victims of rape, assault, child sexual abuse, domestic violence and drunk driving as well as the families of homicide victims are eligible to apply for financial help.

North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN)
address: 410 Morrison St. Raleigh, NC 27601-1558
phone: 1-800-348-5068
Description of Services: NCVAN promotes the rights and needs of crime victims by educating citizens and public policy leaders about the devastating impact that crime has on our society.

NOVA (New Options for Violent Actions)
address: 3623 Latrobe Dr., Suite 107 Charlotte, NC 28211
phone: 704-336-4344
Description of Services: NOVA is a year long psycho-educational program divided into two phases. Phase One is comprised of 26 weekly group sessions. Upon successful completion of Phase One, participants transition into a mandatory Phase Two. Phase Two is comprised of 6 monthly aftercare group sessions. All group sessions are led by male and female co-facilitators.

Rape Crisis Assistance Hotline
address: 601 E. 5th St., Suite 400 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-375-9900 (24 hours)
Description of Services: 24-hour hotline and hospital accompaniment for victims of sexual assault, accompaniment to police interviews or meetings with district attorney, assistance with victim compensation, counseling for children who have been sexually abused and their families.

RAINN - Rape Abuse Incest National Network
phone: 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
Description of Services: 24 hour listening line and referral source for victims of rape, abuse or incest.

Straight Talk
phone: 704-344-1111
Description of Services: 24 hour listening line. Teens can listen to pre-recorded messages on a variety of issues including drug use, sexuality, depression, family concerns, relationships, etc.

Trevor Hotline
phone: 1-800-850-8070
Description of Services: This is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week crisis line for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth in the nation. Affiliated with the Suicide Hotline to provide emergency services to youth in need.

United Family Services
address: 601 E. 5th., Suite 400 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-332-9034
704-375-9900 Rape Crisis Assistance 24 hours
Description of Services: UFS offers; individual, marital, and family counseling along with anger management, crisis intervention and advocacy, consumer credit counseling, housing counseling, domestic violence services, rape crisis, and employee assistance counseling.

Women's Commission/H.E.R.O. Program (Help, Encouragement and Recognition of Observers of Domestic Violence)
address: 700 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-336-3210
Description of Services: The Women's Commission offers counseling for adults and children as well as a job bank and legal clinics.

Crime Victim Resources

Crime Stoppers
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-334-1600
submit a Tip Online:
Description of Services: Working to solve crimes by using tips and information submitted anonymously through calling, emailing or SMS texting. A cash reward can be offered for your help in solving these crimes!

Report A Crime
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 311
Description of Services: Submitting online reports for non-emergency offenses, such as Communicating Threats, Harassing Phone Calls, Damage to Property, Stolen Property, Theft from Vehicle, and Lost Passport or Driver's License.

Safe Outcomes
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 311
Description of Services: Voluntary Registry for Vulnerable Populations enables the CMPD to obtain critical information to assist in response to calls for service involving an individual with developmental disabilities that may affect the way individuals interact and respond to law enforcement officers.

Homicide Unit
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
Description of Services: Investigative services to solve crimes of murder and assaults with a deadly weapon.

Victim Services Group
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-336-2364
Description of Services: Support services for homicide survivors, youth trauma and grief, as well as traffic-related deaths.

Missing Persons Unit
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
Description of Services: Investigative services to find a reported missing person or youthful runaways.

Nationwide Project Lifesaver Program
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
Description of Services: Project Lifesaver is a rapid response program that uses radio frequency tracking technology designed to locate at-risk individuals that suffer from cognitive impairment issues who may wander away from their caregivers and become lost.

Sexual Assault Unit
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
Description of Services: Investigative services to solve crimes of rape and sexual abuse.

Robbery Unit
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
Description of Services: Investigative services to solve crimes of stolen property.

Crimes Against Children Unit
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
Description of Services: Investigative services to solve crimes of child abuse, sexual misconduct, and/or neglect of a child or teen.

Cyber Crimes Unit
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
Description of Services: Investigative services to explore network intrusions, hacking, and internet child exploitation (solicitation of a child or child pornography) that involve suspects or victims residing in Mecklenburg County North Carolina.

Financial Crimes Unit
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
Description of Services: Investigating several different fraud related crimes that include counterfeit and forged checks, credit card fraud, embezzlement, financial identity fraud and the different scams that may be used to trick unsuspecting people into handing over their money.

Domestic Violence Unit
address: 601 E Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-336-2379
Description of Services: Investigating the abusive acts that take form from of physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, harmful threats, financial abuse, or other controlling behavior.

Crime Victims' Rights Act


As a victim of crime, you shall be treated with dignity and respect by the criminal justice system. The North Carolina Constitution guarantees the following rights:

  • The right upon request to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of court proceedings of the accused.
  • The right upon request to be present at court proceedings of the accused.
  • The right to be reasonably heard at court proceedings involving the plea, conviction, sentencing, or release of the accused.
  • The right to receive restitution in a reasonably timely manner, when ordered by the court.
  • The right to be given information about the crime, how the criminal justice system works, the rights of victims, and the availability of services for victims.
  • The right upon request to receive information about the conviction or final disposition and sentence of the accused.
  • The right upon request to receive notification of escape, release, proposed parole or pardon of the accused, or notice of a reprieve or commutation of the accused's sentence.
  • The right to present the victim's views and concerns in writing to the Governor or agency considering any action that could result in the release of the accused, prior to such action becoming effective.
  • The right to reasonably confer with the prosecution.


Victims Compensation Services reimburses citizens who suffer medical expenses and lost wages as a result of being an innocent victim of a crime. A claim must be filed within two years to receive compensation. For more information, go to (Crime Victim Compensation) or call 1-800-826-6200.


  • Should you need medical assistance resulting from this crime, law enforcement can provide the proper information.
  • If you receive a threat, immediately call the law enforcement agency and prosecutor assigned to your case.
  • Any stolen or other personal property that has been seized shall be expeditiously returned when it is no longer needed as evidence.
  • If an arrest is made in your case, law enforcement will notify you. If you are not notified within six months of the reported crime, you may contact the law enforcement agency / agent or the District Attorney that handled your case.

For more information, download the Crime Victims' Rights Act - Victim Information Sheet(PDF, 277KB)

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

phone: 800-662-4357
Description of Services: online resource for individuals who struggle with various kinds addiction.

Al-Anon Family Groups
address: 4800 Wedgewood Dr., Charlotte, NC 28210
phone: 704-523-1159
Description of Services: Group meetings for anyone who needs help coping with someone else's alcoholism or drug addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous
address: 1427 South Blvd., Suite 106 Charlotte, NC 28203
phone: 704-332-4387
Description of Services: 24 hour listening line and referral source for individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Help
phone: 833-547-1002
Description of Services: Experience life without alcohol addiction. Now is the time to change your life. Let us help you discover the resources and get connected to treatment that is right for you.

Alcohol Rehab Guide
phone: 877-624-1853
Description of Services: 24 hour listening line and referral source dedicated to helping people overcome alcoholism and achieve long-term sobriety.

Carolinas Medical Center Mercy Horizons
address: 2001 Vail Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28207
Description of Services: Provides Drug and Alcohol Detox & Substance Abuse Treatment

Dilworth Center for Chemical Dependency
address: 2240 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28203
Description of Services: Provides Drug and Alcohol Detox & Substance Abuse Treatment

Drug Abuse Hotline
phone: 1-800-662-4357
Description of Services: 24 hour listening line and referral source for individuals who use illicit drugs.

Mecklenburg County Area Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Authority
address: 3430 Wheatley Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205
phone: 704-336-2227
Description of Services: Various mental health, substance abuse and treatment programs are available.

McLeod Center
address: 515 Clanton Rd. Charlotte, NC 28217
phone: 704-332-9001
Description of Services: The McLeod Center provides substance abuse assessments and referrals along with educational services for early stages of drug use and family therapy.

Drugs Facts and Information
phone: 1-888-892-1840
Description of Services: This online resource provides substance abuse education, assessments and referrals along with the best ways to find help when someone you love is struggling with addiction.

Family Assistance Organizations

A Child's Place
address: 601 E. 5th Street, Suite 130 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-343-3792
Description of Services: ACP works to provide a stable, appropriate education to homeless and at-risk students. ACP also provides support services to enhance their opportunities for academic success and provides services to families to ensure long term stability and self-sufficiency.

Battered Woman's Shelter Hotline and Shelter
phone: 704-332-2513
Description of Services: The Battered Woman's Shelter provides emergency shelter, individual counseling, intimate partner domestic violence counseling and support and offers support groups for women and children.

Crisis Assistance Ministry
address: 500-A Spratt St. Charlotte NC 28206
phone: 704-371-3000
Description of Services: Emergency financial assistance for low income families, distributes donations of cash, clothing, furniture, financial planning for families to prevent financial emergencies and advocates for prevention of poverty.

Charlotte Emergency Housing
address: 2410 The Plaza Charlotte NC 28205
phone: 704-335-5488
Description of Services: Operates emergency housing shelter for homeless families and their children.

Communities in Schools
address: 601 E. 5th Street, Suite 300 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-365-0601
Description of Services: Communities in Schools (CIS) is a community based dropout prevention organization, helping young people to stay in school, successfully learn and prepare for life. CIS provides services and connects resources to more than 2,400 students in 25+ CMS public schools. Call to find out which schools they are involved in and who the site coordinator is.

Community Link
address: 601 E 5th St., Suite 220 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-943-9490
Description of Services: To enable working poor individuals and families to obtain and sustain safe, decent and affordable housing. Community Link also provides other resources needed to move toward independence.

Loaves and Fishes
address: various locations
phone: 704-523-4333
Description of Services: Loves and Fishes will provide one week's worth of groceries to families in crisis. Request for services can only be made by referral from a religious leader, social worker, fire or police employee. Families can only use the service once in the past 60 days.

Smart Start
address: 601 E. 5th St., Suite 500 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-377-6588
Description of Services: Smart Start of Mecklenburg County is a nonprofit organization that funds and provides oversight of health, family support and early care and education programs for children ages birth to five and their families.

Teen Health Connection
address: 251 Eastway Dr. Charlotte, NC 28213
phone: 704-446-8336
Description of Services: Teen Health Connection provides affordable medical and mental health services, community health education, advocacy and research for adolescents ages 11-21. The pediatric medical practice is located at 251 Eastway Dr. Health education programs are available to existing youth groups throughout the community. Advocacy is provided through partnerships with other agencies that serve youth.

Youth Crisis Shelter (formerly The Relatives)
address: 1100 East Blvd. Charlotte NC 28203
phone: 704-377-0602 24 Hour Crisis Hotline
Description of Services: This is a walk-in emergency shelter with 9 beds offered for runaway, homeless and other youth in crisis from ages 7-17. The beds are available on a first come, first served basis.

YWCA Central Carolinas
address: 3420 Park Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209
phone: 704-525-5770
Description of Services: The YWCA currently provides educational programs and healthy activities for at-risk children and youth including 12 year-round after school programs; transitional housing and support services for homeless women; exercise and health programs for men, women and children of all fitness levels. In 2008 the YWCA will open "Families Together," a transitional housing program for homeless families with children.

Internet and Child Safety Programs and Resources

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
address: Charles B. Wang International Children's Building, 699 Prince Street Alexandria, VA 22314
phone: 1-800-THE LOST (843-5678)
Description of Services: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is a national clearinghouse for child safety, missing persons, child abductions and child sexual exploitation. The following is a direct link to their parent/guardian resource guide list.

Law Enforcement Agencies, Court Services and DSS

CMPD - Special Victim's Division
address: 601 E 5th St., Suite 230 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-366-2811
Description of Services: The CMPD Special Victims Division conducts criminal investigations regarding juvenile and domestic violence cases.

CMPD - Crime Prevention Unit
address: 601 E Trade St. Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-336-2310
Description of Services: The Crime Prevention Unit provides educational materials and programs you and your family can implement to increase your safety and reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

CMPD - Non-Emergency Police Services
address: 601 E Trade St. Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: Dial 311 from phones within Mecklenburg County
Description of Services: The Crime Reporting Unit takes many non emergency police reports over the telephone.

Child Support Enforcement
address: 5800 Executive Center Drive, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28212
phone: 704-566-2800
Description of Services: Child Support services are provided to any North Carolina parent or custodian regardless of income level and offers assistance in collecting child support through a network of State and locally run offices.

Council for Children's Right
address: 601 E 5th St., Suite 510 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-372-7961
Description of Services: Represents children, their needs and their issues. This includes research, legal representation, best interest advocacy, system advocacy and public education and awareness

Department of Social Services (DSS)
address: 700 E Stonewall St., Suite 601 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-336-2273
Description of Services: The Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services is committed to reevaluation and enhancement of those services that focus on prevention, early intervention, moving customers toward or maintaining self-sufficiency and improving the quality of life for all citizens. The department has three major divisions:

  • For Families
    Work First Family Assistance, Family and Children's Medicaid, NC Health Choice, Food Stamps, Refugee Assistance, Low Income Energy Assistance and Employment Services.
  • For Older Adults and People with Disabilities
    Adult Protective Services, Representative Payee and Guardianship Services, Transportation, Congregate and Home-delivered meals, In-Home Aide Services, Community Social Work, Adult Medicaid, Adult Day Care, Adult Care Home monitoring, State County Special Assistance, Food Stamps and Just1Call.
  • For Children
    Child Protective Services, Foster Care, Adoption and Adoption Assistance and Independent Living Services.

Guardian ad Litem
address: 720 E. 4th St., Suite 202 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-417-1853
Description of Services: The Guardian ad Litem program recruits, trains and supervises volunteers who are appointed to advocate for children who are in the custody of YFS/DSS due to allegations of abuse and/or neglect. The GAL does an independent investigation, visits the child(ren) monthly and makes recommendations to the court that promote and protect the best interest of the child(ren).

Legal Services of the Southern Piedmont
address: 1431 Elizabeth Ave. Charlotte, NC 28204
phone: 704-971-2622
Description of Services: Legal Services of the Southern Piedmont provides legal assistance in civil matters to low income persons in the Charlotte area and in west-central North Carolina.

Mecklenburg County Civil Courts Building
address: 800 4th St. Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-336-4126
Description of Services: Restraining Orders can be requested in Suite 203 . Contempt of Restraining Order and Eviction orders can be requested in Suite 214.

Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office
address: 700 4th St. Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-347-7891
Description of Services: Prosecutes criminal charges in the Mecklenburg County court system.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office - Reality Program
address: 700 E 4th St. Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-336-2543 General Information
704-336-8720 Reality Program
Description of Services: To provide the community with a program which will help educate young people about the long-term effects of participating in criminal activity. They want to give these young people an introduction to the criminal justice system so they can see first-hand the possible ramifications of criminal behavior. They will be made aware of how they must be accountable for their actions. The program is open to children ages 13 and older. Referrals to the program must be made by School Resource Officers within the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system.

North Carolina Division of Community Corrections (Probation and Parole)
address: 700 E. 4th St. Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-432-6836, 704-432-6234
Description of Services: The Division of Community Corrections (DCC) is responsible for the supervision of all adult offenders on probation, parole or post-release parole supervision. In addition, offenders who transfer from other states are supervised by DCC guidelines and the Interstate Compact for the Supervision of Adult Offenders. DCC also has oversight of the Community Service Work Program.

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation - Sex Offender Registry and Public Protection Service
Description of Services: The NC SBI maintains a registry of registered sex offenders in North Carolina . This website allows you to search for offenders living near an address and also allows you to search for registered sex offenders by name.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
Description of Services: OJJDP's mission is to promote public safety and juvenile delinquency prevention, intervention and treatment through the operation of a seamless, comprehensive juvenile justice system. OJJDP has Juvenile Court Counselors that are able to discuss your legal options regarding undisciplined juveniles.

SAVAN - Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification
phone: 1-800-NC-SAVAN (1-800-627-2826)
Description of Services: SAVAN helps victims of crime get custody status and court information about offenders. It is a free 24-Hour per day services that is available in both English and Spanish. In addition, SAVAN automatically notifies registered victims of important events, such as release of an inmate or scheduled court events.

VINE (Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office Victim Information Notification Everyday)
phone: 1-800-247-9658
Description of Services: Mecklenburg County 's hotline that provides information on inmate custody status.

United States Department of Justice - National Sex Offender Registry
Description of Services: The U.S. Dept. of Justice National Sex Offender Registry allows you to search for registered sex offenders in all 50 States by name, city or county and even by zip code.

Mentoring Resources

Big Brothers - Big Sisters
address: 3801 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-910-1301 ext. 1016
Description of Services: Big Brothers Big Sisters is a youth mentoring organization. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides mentoring services for children from the ages of 5-18.

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Charlotte
phone: 704-334-4731
Description of Services: The Boys and Girls Club inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. There are nine neighborhood clubs in the Charlotte area including; Belmont Avenue., Boulevard Homes, Dillehay Courts, Marsh Road, Milton Road, Tarlton Hills, Center of Hope on Spratt Street and the Davidson Club in Davidson, NC.

Police Activities League (PAL)
address: 1330 Spring Street Charlotte, NC 28206
phone: 704-336-2105
Description of Services: PAL is a youth crime prevention program that utilizes educational, athletic and recreational activities to create trust and understanding between police officers and youth. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Athletic League mission is to provide opportunities for the youth of our community that foster their leadership and citizenship skills through athletics and academics.

Partners for Out of School Time - POST
address: 217 S. Tryon Street, Suite 312 Charlotte, NC 28202
phone: 704-376-1845
Description of Services: The mission of Partners in Out-of-School Time (POST) is to ensure that all school-age children and youth in Mecklenburg County have access to high-quality programs, activities and opportunities when school is closed. "Out-of-School Time" refers to all of the hours before school, after school, teacher workdays, school holidays, weekends, and summers. Experiences that foster social, emotional, physical, moral and intellectual development are proven to be essential for children and youth to become capable and effective members of society.

Right Moves for Youth
address: 1031 South Caldwell St., Suite 102 Charlotte, NC 28203
phone: 704-377-4425
Description of Services: Provides motivation for its school-based and neighborhood-based club members in grades 3-12 to succeed in school, improve their quality of life and become responsible members of society.

Urban League
address: 740 W. Fifth Street Charlotte, NC 28234
phone: 704-373-5526
Description of Services: The Urban League is a non-profit organization that works to empower all members of the community in areas such as home ownership, health, workforce & economic development, entrepreneurship, training & the achievement of our youth

Miscellaneous Services

Cleaning Companies

Companies are listed in alphabetical order and they are provided for your convenience. This list does not constitute an endorsement by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Recruitment Application Process