SRO Program

School Resource Officer Program

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and surrounding jurisdictions supply full-time school resource officers to all high schools and middle schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. The security of our students allows the schools to supply a safe and productive learning environment.

The role of the school resource officer, SRO, is to serve the schools as their community officer and enforce all local, state and federal laws. The SRO also serves as a law related advisory to school administrators, parents and students regarding legal issues.

In addition, some of the expectations of an SRO are to create a liaison with all stakeholders, formulate crime prevention tactics and provide security for school functions such as athletics events. SRO's also make themselves available for parent-teacher meetings and to enhance the problem solving initiatives of their division.

The SRO does not enforce or investigate violations of school policy rules or matters of school disciplinary actions and is not considered to be a member of the school staff or facility.

The SRO program is designed to promote and foster the ongoing partnership between law enforcement, the school system and the community to ensure safer schools, successful students and productive citizens.

hornets crest Division: Eastway
High Schools
Garinger High School: 1100 Eastway Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6450
Resource Officer Teyawna Hardy    phone: 980-229-0918
Resource Officer William Hollowell    phone: 704-661-8760

Hawthorne High School: 1411 Hawthorne Lane Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6011
Resource Officer Pam Farewell    phone: 704-517-8786
Resource Officer vacant    phone: 704-xxx-xxxx

Middle Schools
Eastway Middle School: 1501 Norland Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6410
Resource Officer Ashton Kersey    phone: 704-301-7468

Piedmont Open Middle School: 1241 E. 10th Street Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5435
Resource Officer Laurence Cauley    phone: 980-406-7719

hornets crest Division: Freedom
High Schools
Harding University High School: 2001 Alleghany Street Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6007
Resource Officer Antonio Echols    phone: 704-589-2009
Resource Officer Richard Gladden    phone: 704-579-2312

West Mecklenburg High School: 7400 Tuckaseegee Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6080
Resource Officer Anthony Pharr    phone: 704-579-1448
Resource Officer Cartel Pitters    phone: 704-804-3317

Alternative Schools
Turning Point Alternative: 8701 Moores Chapel Road Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5231
Resource Officer Arthur Fant    phone: 704-258-4969

Wilson STEM Academy: 7020 Tuckaseegee Road Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6070
Resource Officer Shane Philpott    phone: 704-804-2867

Middle Schools
Coulwood Middle School: 500 Kentberry Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6090
Resource Officer Todd Zielinski    phone: 704-608-8956

Whitewater Middle School: 11600 White Rapids Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-344-3400
Resource Officer Chris Grant    phone: 704-724-5759

hornets crest Division: Hickory Grove
High Schools
Independence High School: 1967 Patriot Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6900
Resource Officer Jose Rivera    phone: 704-591-4459

Middle Schools
Albemarle Road Middle School: 6900 Democracy Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6420
Resource Officer Daryl Green    phone: 704-816-9938

Northeast Middle School: 5960 Brickstone Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6920
Resource Officer Thornell Little    phone: 704-724-6759

hornets crest Division: Independence
High Schools
East Mecklenburg High School: 6800 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6430
Resource Officer Jerry Silcox    phone: 704-737-2792

Middle Schools
McClintock Middle School: 2101 Rama Rd Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6425
Resource Officer Kayce Davis    phone: 704-430-7302

hornets crest Division: Metro
High Schools
Northwest School of Arts: 1415 Beatties Ford Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5500
Resource Officer Michelle Brcik    phone: 704-724-6130

Phillip O'Berry High School: 1430 Alleghany St. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5992
Resource Officer Montray Gilchrist    phone: 704-724-5891

West Charlotte High School: 2219 Senior Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6060
Resource Officer Hasun Rogers    phone: 980-939-2793

K-8 Schools
Ashley Park K-8 School: 2401 Belfast Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6018
Resource Officer Maurice Pharr    phone: 704-724-5828

Walter G. Byers K-8 School: 1415 Hamilton Street Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6940
Resource Officer Carols Oates    phone: 704-724-5399

hornets crest Division: North
Middle Schools
Ranson Middle School: 5850 Statesville Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6800
Resource Officer Charles Artis    phone: 704-724-5899

Exceptional Children
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Academy: 5833 Milhaven Ln. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5415
Resource Officer Roger Mousel    phone: 980-505-5546

hornets crest Division: North Tryon
Middle Schools
Cochrane Collegiate: 6200 Starhaven Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6460
Resource Officer Matthew Blanchett    phone: 704-564-1989

Martin Luther King Middle School: 500 Bilmark Avenue Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-0698
Resource Officer Brandon Miller    phone: 980-939-2774

hornets crest Division: Providence
High Schools
Myers Park High School: 2400 Colony Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5800
Resource Officer Damon Green    phone: 704-572-3433

Middle Schools
Alexander Graham Middle School: 1800 Runnymeade Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5810
Resource Officer Mariah James    phone: 704-942-8315

Randolph Middle School: 4400 Water Oaks Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6700
Resource Officer Nakeya Nelson    phone: 704-724-5665

hornets crest Division: South
High Schools
Ardrey Kell High School: 10220 Ardrey Kell Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-0862
Resource Officer Toriarno Roddey    phone: 704-533-3290

Providence High School: 1800 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5390
Resource Officer Rodney Jackson    phone: 704-591-3011

South Mecklenburg High School: 8900 Park Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-3600
Resource Officer Japheth Morrison    phone: 980-279-9921

Middle Schools
Carmel Middle School: 5001 Camilla Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6705
Resource Officer Eric Lo    phone: 704-301-8586

Community House Middle School: 9500 Community House Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-0689
Resource Officer Kenan Brooks    phone: 704-618-4916

Quail Hollow Middle School: 2901 Smithfield Church Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-3620
Resource Officer Matthew Yoder     phone: 704-621-0435

South Charlotte Middle School: 8040 Strawberry Lane Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-3670
Resource Officer Daniel Little    phone: 704-578-3900

hornets crest Division: Steele Creek
High Schools
Olympic High School: 4301 Sandy Porter Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-3800
Resource Officer vacant    phone: 704-xxx-xxxx

Palisades High School: 15221 York Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-0878
Resource Officer Damane Duckett    phone: 704-724-6500

Middle Schools
Kennedy Middle School: 4000 Gallant Lane Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5540
Resource Officer Matthew Bostick    phone: 704-779-2891

Southwest Middle School: 13624 Steele Creek Rd Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5006
Resource Officer Holly Lawton    phone: 980-417-1346

K-8 Schools
South Academy of International Languages: 8300 Nations Ford Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-6769
Resource Officer Justin Lewis    phone: 704-247-0833

hornets crest Division: University City
High Schools
Mallard Creek High School: 3825 Johnston Oehler Rd. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-1341
Resource Officer Alvin Bailey    phone: 704-724-5554

Julius Chambers High School: 7600 IBM Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5284
Resource Officer Paul Quinichett    phone: 704-564-7973
Resource Officer Charles Nathan    phone: 704-840-2349

Middle Schools
James Martin Middle School: 7800 IBM Drive Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5382
Resource Officer Shanelle Little    phone: 704-806-1169

Northridge Middle School: 7601 The Plaza Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5015
Resource Officer Tyronia Carson    phone: 704-737-2169

Ridge Road Middle School: 7260 Highland Creek Pkwy. Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-344-3410
Resource Officer Esquire Bethea    phone: 704-xxx-xxxx

hornets crest Division: Westover
Middle Schools
Marie G. Davis High School: 3351 Griffith Street Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-0006
Resource Officer Shaquana Griffin    phone: 704-591-0965

Sedgefield Middle School: 2700 Dorchester Place Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5840
Resource Officer Anthony McGill    phone: 704-618-7066

K-8 Schools
Renaissance Academy: 4108 West Tyvola Road Charlotte, NC   main line: 980-343-5035
Resource Officer Tyrone Ruff    phone: 704-724-6714