Two Subjects Arrested in Incident with Officers in Steele Creek

Published on November 15, 2023

Charlotte, N.C. – (Wednesday, November 15, 2023) - On Monday, November 13, 2023, shortly after 2 p.m., officers in the Steele Creek Division self-initiated a suspicious person call for service after observing a male and female subject smoking marijuana at a bus stop in the 7700 block of South Tryon Street.


The officers stopped, engaged the two individuals, and stated that they were under arrest. The female subject became combative and struck an officer in the face. Both individuals refused arrest and a struggle with officers ensued. The officers called for backup to assist with the call for service. Once the male subject was taken into custody, officers located a concealed, loaded 9 mm handgun in his bag. The female subject continued to resist arrest and after several repeated verbal commands, one of the backup officers administered compliance strikes to the subject’s right thigh in an effort to gain control and prevent further assault.


The actions of the officers are in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 15A-401 (d) (1) outlined below: 


Use of Force in Arrest. -

(1)        Subject to the provisions of subdivision (2), a law-enforcement officer is justified in using force upon another person when and to the extent that he reasonably believes it necessary:

a.         To prevent the escape from custody or to effect an arrest of a person who he reasonably believes has committed a criminal offense, unless he knows that the arrest is unauthorized; or

b.         To defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of physical force while effecting or attempting to effect an arrest or while preventing or attempting to prevent an escape.



The officers repeatedly advised the female subject to stop resisting. The officer who administered the strikes was intentional about where the strikes were made. The use of compliance strikes is included in CMPD’s response to resistance directives.


Both the male and female subject were arrested. The male subject, Anthony Lee (DOB 03/10/1986), is charged with Carrying a Concealed Firearm, Resist/Delay/Obstruct and Simple Possession of Marijuana. The female subject, Christina Pierre (DOB 07/13/1999), is charged with Assault on a Government Official, Resist/Delay/Obstruct and Simple Possession of Marijuana.


The officer who administered the compliance strikes is identified as Vincent Pistone. Due to conversations with community leaders and safety concerns for the officer, we have placed Officer Pistone on temporary assignment in investigations. He is not actively on patrol at this time.


“I had the opportunity to view this video, and it is not easy to watch. I never want to see an officer, much less one of my own, involved in a situation like this. Our officers are trained to engage and interact with people and manage situations to the best of their abilities based on the training they receive. When individuals physically assault officers and refuse to comply with police and when they resist arrest, officers must physically engage with them to safely take them into custody. Our officers are often placed in difficult situations that require actions that can be difficult to watch. CMPD works tirelessly to keep this community safe. I watched the body worn camera footage and believe that it tells more of the story than what is circulating on social media. The public deserves to view this footage as well, but based on NC state law, I am not permitted to release body worn camera footage without a court order. I have asked for our police attorney to file a petition with the court, so we are able to share this video with the public. This process will take time, but CMPD will update as soon as the court allows.” - Chief Johnny Jennings


For additional information about this case, please refer to the report: 20231113-1406-00. 





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