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Published on August 07, 2023

goodpup is an online training company for dog owners and adopters

ACC is thrilled to announce they have partnered with GoodPup, a 1-on-1 positive reinforcement training service that you can access virtually at home and on your own schedule.

“Nearly everyone, at some point in their pet’s life, faces a behavior challenge with their pet, those challenges can be very frustrating! I am excited that we can provide people with affordable and convenient assistance through our partnership with GoodPup.” -Shannon Harkey, Shelter Manager – ACC

ACC is committed to keeping people and pets together where possible. With behavior being one of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters every year, this service will help keep families together. GoodPup is aimed at helping every dog family live their best lives and supporting them through effective, affordable, and rewarding training. Training sessions can be scheduled between 9 a.m. and 12 midnight EST, with same-day training appointments available, along with on-demand chat support.

GoodPup offers affordable options to anyone looking for training and support for their dog.

Through their easy-to-use app, you can access:

• Certified positive reinforcement trainers

• 1-on-1 virtual training with the same trainer each week

• Training appointments between 9 a.m. -12 midnight EST

• Same-day training appointments available

• On-demand chat support for any questions (like your first puppy you just brought home!)

• Free trial week to start

• You can pause at any time and pick up later

• You can train multiple dogs on the same call

For every person who adopts any age dog through November 7th, you get a code to use for FREE training for 1 whole month on us! You must sign up within 7 days of adoption.

For every person who signs up for a minimum of one paid week, GoodPup will also donate to AC&C. For more information on GoodPup or other behavior and training support options for dogs and cats, visit ACC GoodPup Page.



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