Kid Projects

Kids below the age of 18 years cannot volunteer at the shelter but they can still help! They can hold a donation drive of needed items and supplies, they can make items at home, and hold fundraisers for any of our programs. The list below will show items that we always need along with the other projects kids can do.

Needed Items and Supplies

The first list includes items that can be found around a home or purchased. The second list is specifically for our neonate and young kittens.

  • Newspapers
  • New or gently used blankets, towels, and hand towels
  • Fleece blankets
  • Laundry bags
  • Storage bins (all kinds, bigger is better)
  • Dog/puppy and cat/kitten canned food
  • Small animal food (bold are the animals we get the most): parrot, small birds, ferret, frog, guinea pig, rabbit, iguana, hamster, rat, mice, gerbil
  • For small animals: treats, timothy or oat hay, water bottles and litter pans
  • Heating pads (without an auto shutoff)   
  • Gently used beds for dogs/cats
  • Leashes and collars
  • Dog/Cat wipes

Kittens Supplies

  • KMR 12oz cans
  • Snuggle safe warming disks
  • Fleece blankets
  • Baby blankets
  • Bathroom mats
  • Laundry bags
  • "Pet Nurser" 2oz and 4oz bottles
  • Cone shaped nipples
  • Plastic bin storage containers 30-50qt size - prefer clear
  • Small flat metal bowls as low as you can find
  • Fancy Feast canned cat food: classic pate - non-fish based
  • Royal Canin Mother and Baby cat food (3.5lb bags)

Kid Project: Hand Made Blankets

  • Blankets that are handmade and loving crafted to be used for our dogs and cats in their kennels (all sizes). You can find instructions on how to make blankets here.

a group of excited kids who donated hand-made blankets for our shelter pets  


Kid Project: Hand Made Cat Scratchers

Any cat loves to scratch their nails on cardboard and trees. Why? It's to help them trim their nails and keep them sharp to fend of enemies. It's also a good source of stretching their muscles. Kids can make these right at home with easy to find material. Watch the two YouTube videos on how to make your own:
Video 1
Video 2


Kid Project: Dog Houses

*Kids in 4-H or Scouts who need to earn a building badge can build dog houses to help the animals in their community.

Often times our ACC  Officers come across dog owners who don’t realize the laws and ordinances regarding proper pet containment and provisions for dogs who live outside.  We educate these owners on the proper needs their dog. One of the most important needs is proper shelter. Sometimes owners simply can’t afford even the most basic shelter.

It’s our mission to bring them into compliance rather than forcing them to owner surrender their dog. When we have an inventory of donated dog houses we will supply them one. Once they receive the dog house, we will have follow-up visits to ensure they are staying in compliance with our ordinances and providing the proper care for their dog.

We rely on groups and organizations to help supply us with dog houses for this program.

4 dog houses in a row that kids hand-built for our shelter program