Volunteer Application [seamlessdocs form]
Who are CMPD volunteers?
A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department volunteer is someone who is interested in helping ensure the safety of the citizens of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.  Volunteers are a vital part of our police department. They help the department, the community and also have the satisfaction of helping others.
What are the CMPD volunteer requirements?
Opportunities for volunteers are provided without regard to religion, creed, race, national origin, age, sex or disability. All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.  Each volunteer must complete an application, driver's history check and criminal history check, an interview and a drug screen.  Volunteers may also be required to submit to a polygraph test prior to acceptance if the volunteer position involves sensitive security issues.  These steps are taken to ensure that our volunteers adhere to the high standards set by our police department. 
What kind of training will you receive?
Volunteers are required to complete a training and orientation session to become familiar with the policies of the department and their assigned position prior to placement. Volunteers must donate a minimum of 16 hours of service per month with a minimum of 6 months service.  The first ninety days are probationary for the department and the volunteer. Some units have specific requirements.  These are listed with the position description.    

Animal Care and Control Unit:
Volunteers of the Animal Control Unit serve at the Animal Control Bureau and are responsible for ensuring the health, safety, well being and care of the animals of Mecklenburg County. Volunteers greet the public, walk and care for the animals, assist with clinics, assist with foster care, adoption and education programs.  
Chaplaincy Unit:
The mission of the CMPD Chaplain is to provide a ministry of presence to members of the department, their families, and the community. The CMPD Chaplain is a clergy person with a passionate interest in supporting those who work in the field of law enforcement. This support is offered to all persons, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, creed, or religion. It is offered without cost or proselytizing. CMPD Chaplains are assigned to patrol divisions and specialized units.
Citizens on Patrol:
C.O.P. Volunteers will be assigned to a patrol district and will work with a partner performing duties such as traffic direction at crash scenes, assisting disabled motorists, checking abandoned vehicles, performing zone checks, as well as citizen welfare checks. This is a uniformed position and will require driving a CMPD vehicle designed specifically for Citizens on Patrol. Volunteers of the Citizens on Patrol must be at least 21 years of age and must complete approximately 110 hours of training. Another function of the Citizens on Patrol is the Mobile Radar Unit.
Mobile Radar Unit:
Volunteers of the Mobile Radar Unit are responsible for the placement and maintenance of the mobile radar units in various divisions. These volunteers place the units in predetermined locations throughout Mecklenburg County.  These volunteers must be able to donate their services in the early morning and/or late afternoon hours.  These volunteers must be in adequate health to be able to move and lift approximately 75 pounds. Prerequisite: Must be a Citizen on Patrol.

Lake Citizens on Patrol:
The Lake Citizens on Patrol are an extension of our Citizens on Patrol  - land patrol units.  They patrol local lakes in a specially marked CMPD Volunteer Patrol Vessel.  Their job is to promote water and boating safety and to help prevent crime on our lakes and waterways.
Division Offices /Felony Investigations Bureau:
Volunteers that serve in district offices and the Felony Investigations Bureau provide a variety of services including: answering telephones, filing, sorting, misdemeanor case follow-up (determined by division), data entry, computer processing, research, and any other duties determined by the individual district offices or units.  
Bilingual Volunteer Unit:
Volunteers of the Bilingual Volunteer Unit speak a fluent foreign language and are utilized by patrol officers and detectives when a need for interpretation or translation arises.  BVU volunteers translate requested information, assist with community meetings, case follow-ups, crime prevention education, license checks and any other language needs. 
Community Involvement/Recruitment Team:
The volunteers of the Community Involvement Recruitment Team (CIRT) attend recruitment events, fairs/festivals, community meetings, church meetings, organizational meetings, neighborhood meetings or any other avenues where there is interest in the CMPD Volunteer Unit. These volunteers provide information to prospects and answer any questions about the Volunteer Unit.  These volunteers will work closely with the Volunteer Liaison Officer. 
Special Events Committee:
The volunteers that serve on the special events committee help plan, coordinate and organize Volunteer Unit reward/recognition events.  There are currently two main events held each year.  Each event requires several months of planning.  These volunteers also help organize any special events that the Volunteer Unit may be asked to assist in (5k walks, Golf Tournaments, Hosting Law Enforcement related  events, Fundraisers, etc.).  
Join Us!
If the chance to be a CMPD volunteer interests you, please complete the application to have your submission forwarded to Officer Antoine Patterson.
For further information please contact:
Officer Antoine Patterson
Volunteer Liaison Officer
704-353-0302 ext. 1