Please make a donation toward helping animals find their way home.

If you are looking for your lost pet, make sure you scroll down to the lost pets section to see all the animals in our care to see if your pet is with us. If the pet is at Byrum, come any time we are open. If the pet is at Toomey, the site will show location as "Toomey" and you'll need to make an appointment to see it.

satellite shelter at 2700 toomey ave, charlotte offers adoptions, reclaims, foster, staycation services by appointment. animals at toomey show on the animal profile as toomey

Note that we do not take in roaming cats over the age of 4 months. There are no leash laws on cats which means that cats that are community, feral, or owned cats are allowed to roam freely. If you find a roaming cat, check to see if the ear is tipped. A cat with an ear tip, meaning that the cat's left ear is slightly cut, means it is cared for by a community member. If you can do so safely, check for a microchip and create a found report. However, it's best to leave the cat where you found them and do not feed them if you do not want them to return. To learn more about community and feral cats, visit our Community Cat page.