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Dental Discharges

On July 14, 2017, the EPA promulgated 40 CFR Part 441. This rule requires dental offices that place and/or remove amalgam to install an amalgam separator in accordance with the requirements in the rule, to implement two Best Management Practices (BMPs), to submit a One-Time Compliance Report to the municipal pretreatment contact, and to conduct on-going operation and maintenance of the amalgam separator and maintain associated documentation and records.


Charlotte Water has developed a One-Time Compliance Report requesting all information required by the EPA, and also contains additional questions asked by Charlotte Water. Charlotte Water has the authority to request additional information and forms from users outlined in the Sewer Use Ordinance Section 23-91.(g)(i). Of note, an Authorized Representative of the facility must sign the report. An Authorized Representative is a person who is responsible for principle business decisions or other policy decisions for the facility. For example, it can be an owner, president, vice-president, but not an administrative assistant. The report must be submitted to Charlotte Water and a copy of it maintained at the facility as long as the dental practice is in operation or until ownership is transferred.


If you are currently compliant with the rule, please complete and send in the One-Time Compliance Report.  If you are not yet fully compliant with the rule, please complete the requirements and send in the One-Time Compliance Report by the deadline specified in 40 CFR Part 441.


Compliance Report(PDF, 483KB)

EPA Effluent Guidelines

NCDEQ Pretreatment Information


For more information contact:


A.Z. Williams - Environmental Compliance Specialist
704-336-5042 / C: 980-201-6266

Rocio Bell - Environmental Compliance Specialist
704-432-6084 / C:704-249-1873