2020 Petitions

2020-002Saussy Burbank / The Drakeford CompanyApproximately 0.55 acres located on the northeastern side of Vail Avenue, south of Deacon Avenue, southeast of Dotger AvenueR-22MFUR-2(CD)Pending1 - Egleston
2020-003Fairview BuildersApproximately 0.3 acres located at the intersection of Seigle Avenue and Van Every Street, on the western side of Belmont AvenueI-2UR-2(CD)Pending1 - Egleston
2020-004Boulevard Real Estate Advisors, LLCApproximately 0.76 acres located on the south side of Freeland Lane, east of Tryon Street, and west of South BoulevardR-8TOD-TRPending3 - Watlington
2020-005Ronald Staley, Jr. - Verde Homes, LLCApproximately 0.92 acres located south of Parkwood Avenue, east of Allen Street, and west of Pegram StreetR-5NSPending1 - Egleston
2020-006JFW Realty, Inc. and 501 Associates, LLCApproximately 0.759 acres located on the northern side of Morehead Street, south of John Belk Freeway, and east of South BoulevardB-1, UMUDTOD-UCPending1 - Egleston
2020-007Erwin CapitalApproximately 13.211 acres located north Albemarle Road, east of Rocky River Church Road, and west of Blair RoadB-1(CD)B-1(CD) SPAPendingOutside city limits
2020-008RK Investments Charlotte, LLCApproximately 4.97 acres located on the western side of Reames Road, east of Potomac Boulevard, and west of Interstate 77R-3UR-2(CD)Pending2 - Graham
2020-009Ballantyne Country Club, LLCApproximately 2.54 acres along the western side of Johnston Road, east of Nolen LaneMX-1MX-1(SPA)Pending7 - Driggs
2020-010Christ the King Lutheran ChurchApproximately 15.8 acres located south of Tryon Street, west of Steelecroft Parkway, and north of Asheford Woods LaneR-3INSTPending3 - Watlington
2020-011Souvik GhosalApproximately 1.35 acres located west of Margaret Wallace Road, northeast of Glen Lyon DriveR-4UR-1(CD)Pending5 - Newton
2020-012Bowman Sumner, LLCApproximately 21.92 acres located on the south side of Eastfield Road, north of Interstate 485, and west of Browne RoadR-3UR-1(CD)PendingOutside city limits
2020-013Boulevard Real Estate Advisors, LLCApproximately 0.613 acres located on the eastern side of the intersection of Tryon Street and Cama Street, south of Freeland LaneR-8UR-2(CD)Pending3 - Watlington
2020-014Carolina Builders, LLCApproximately 3.9 acres located along the west side of Erwin Road, north of Tryon StreetR-8MF(CD)UR-2(CD)Pending3 - Watlington
2020-015McShane Partners, LLCApproximately 0.23 acres located on the eastern side of Park Drive, southeast of the intersection of Lamar Avenue and 7th StreetR-43MFMUDD-OPending1 - Egleston
2020-016Nolan ElenzApproximately 1.89 acres located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Church Street and Bland StreetMUDD-OTOD-UCPending3 - Watlington
2020-017Aspen Heights PartnersApproximately 2.75 acres located east of Baltimore Avenue, south of Remount Road, and north of Benjamin StreetR-22MFMUDD-OPending3 - Watlington
2020-018Hopper CommunitiesApproximately 0.917 acres located west of Baltimore Road, south of Remount Road, and east of Interstate 77R-22MFUR-2(CD)Pending3 - Watlington
2020-019Dependable Development, Inc.Approximately 18.17 acres located on the south side of Plaza Road, west of Interstate 485, and east of Hood RoadR-3R-8MF (CD)Pending5 - Newton
2020-020RIAB Properties, LLCApproximately 2.962 acres located south of Arrowood Road, north of Hanson Road, and east of Microsoft WayB-D(CD), I-1, R-3O-2Pending3 - Watlington
2020-021K Sade Ventures Inc.Approximately 4.31 acres located along the north side of University City Boulevard, east of Cabarrus Farm RoadB-1(CD)B-2PendingOutside city limits
2020-022Boulevard Real Estate Advisors, LLCApproximately 4.240 acres located on the eastern side of Anderson Street, north of Oakwood Avenue, and south of Davidson StreetI-2TOD-TRPending1 - Egleston
2020-023Phillip Neal SparrowApproximately 10.918 acres located on the southern side of John Gladden Road, north of Wilkinson Boulevard, and west of Sam Wilson RoadR-MHI-2(CD)PendingOutside city limits
2020-024Dominion Realty Partners, LLCApproximately 1.827 acres located south of Fairview Road, east of Barclay Downs Drive, and west of Sharon RoadO-1MUDD-OPending6 - Bokhari
2020-025SunCap Property GroupApproximately 25.97 acres located along the eastern side of Milhaven Lane, south of Sunset Road, and west of Statesville RoadCCI-1(CD)Pending2 - Graham
2020-026Annex of Charlotte, LLCApproximately 7.531 acres located on the north side of Shopping Center Drive, east of Tryon Street, and southwest of Hampton Church RoadB-1(CD)MUDD-OPending4 - Johnson
2020-027City of CharlotteApproximately 78 acres located at the northeastern intersection of Central Avenue and Sharon Amity RoadB-1S(CD), CC, MUDD-O, B-1 (CD)MUDD-O, MX-2(INNOV) with 5-year vested rightsPending5 - Newton
2020-028Nyesha WeaverApproximately 5.33 acres located at the intersection of Monroe Road on the western side of the property and Wallace Road on the north side of the propertyR-3INSTPending5 - Newton
2020-029JACo Acquisition, LLCApproximately 1 acre located at the intersection of Distribution street and Dunavant Street, east of Tryon StreetTOD-M(O)TOD-NCPending3 - Watlington
2020-030OZF Properties, LLCApproximately 1.46 acres located south of Greenland Avenue, bound on the east side by Monument Street, and Remount Road on the west sideR-5MUDD-OPending3 - Watlington
2020-031The Creek Kids ZoneApproximately 3.11 acres located on the western side of Sugar Creek Road, north of Cushman Street, and south of Merlane DriveINST(CD)INSTPending1 - Egleston
2020-032Bridgewood Houston Property Company, L.P.Approximately 1.379 acres bound by Royal Court and Morehead Street, southeast of Euclid Avenue MUDD-OMUDD-O SPAPending1 - Egleston
2020-033Fifth Third BankApproximately 0.354 acres bound by the east side of Providence Road, the north side of Huntley Place, and south of Perrin PlaceB-1MUDD-OPending1 - Egleston
2020-034Jefferson Apartment GroupApproximately 5.07 acres located along the southeast side of College Street, northwest of the LYNX Blue Line, and south of the intersection of Tryon Street and 16th StreetI-2MUDD(CD)Pending1 - Egleston
2020-035Center City Partners University, LLCApproximately 49 acres located on the south side of IBM Drive, west of Neal Road, and north of University City BoulevardR-4UR-2(CD)Pending4 - Johnson
2020-036Charlotte Planning, Design & DevelopmentApproximately 0.56 acres west of Pecan Avenue, north of Independence Boulevard, south of Central AvenueNAB-2(PED)Pending1 - Egleston
2020-037Renee Pride-DunlapApproximately 49.3 acres located on both the north and south side of Russell Avenue, west of Interstate 77, north of Oaklawn AvenueR-5R-5(HDO)Pending2 - Graham
2020-038Clover Group, Inc.Approximately 9.96 acres located on the southeast side of Steele Creek Road, west of Cedar Crossings Drive, and north of Swann Branch DriveR-3R-12MF (CD)Pending3 - Watlington
2020-039Firefighter TownhomesApproximately 0.44 acres located north of Firefighter Place, east of 7th Street, and west of Weddington AvenueR-22MFUR-2(CD)Pending1 - Egleston
2020-040Alenky Signature Homes, LLCApproximately 0.398 acres located on the eastern side of Commonwealth Avenue, the northern side of Goodwin Avenue, and south of Woodland DriveR-4R-6Pending1 - Egleston
2020-041Bucci Development Company, LLCApproximately 1.118 acres located on the western side of Providence Road, south of Moravian Lane, and east of Hermitage RoadB-1O-2Pending1 - Egleston
2020-042Boulevard Real Estate Advisors, LLCApproximately 0.236 acres located east of Tryon Street, south of Tryclan Drive, and west of Dewitt LaneR-5TOD-TRPending3 - Watlington
2020-043Fourstore, LLCApproximately 2.9 acres located on the southern side of Rea Road and east of Colony RoadB-1 (CD)MUDD-OPending7 - Driggs
2020-044Charlotte Planning, Design and Development DepartmentText Amendment: To modify the Transit Oriented Development District regulationsPendingText amendment
2020-045Andrew KlenkApproximately 0.5 acres located on the northern side of Bearwood Avenue, east of Sugar Creek Road, and south of Raleigh StreetB-2, R-5UR-1(CD)Pending1 - Egleston
2020-046Take 5 CarolinasApproximately 1.09 acres located southwest of Whitehall Park Drive, on the north side of Tryon Street, east of Sandy Porter RoadI-1(CD)I-1(CD) SPAPending3 - Watlington
2020-047Pecan Ridge of Charlotte, LLCApproximately 1.72 acres located on the eastern side of W. T. Harris Boulevard, north of Forest Drive, and south of Mount Holly-Huntersville RoadCCCC SPAPending2 - Graham
2020-048Flournoy DevelopmentApproximately 24.605 acres located along the eastern side of John Adams Road, north of Mallard Creek Church Road, and east of Interstate 85B-1(CD), O-1(CD)MUDD-OPending4 - Johnson
2020-049The Keith CorporationApproximately 156.32 acres located on the south side of Interstate 85, east of Moores Chapel Road, and north of Wilkinson BoulevardR-3I-2(CD)PendingOutside city limits
2020-050Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing PartnershipApproximately 9.67 acres located on the west side of Park Road, south of Marsh Road, and north of Hillside AvenueINST(CD)MUDD-OPending1 - Egleston
2020-051M/I Homes of Charlotte, LLCApproximately 21.90 acres located north of Interstate 485, on the south side of Ridge Road, and east of Cooper's Ridge LaneR-3R-8MF (CD)Pending4 - Johnson
2020-052Selwyn Property Group, Inc.Approximately 1 acre located on the west side of the intersection of East Boulevard and Scott Avenue, east of Kenilworth AvenueNSMUDD(CD)Pending1 - Egleston
2020-053Laurel Oak Farm, LLCApproximately 2.341 acres located on the south side of Youngblood Road, west of Buckthorne Ridge Lane, and east of Mckee RoadR-3, MUDD-OMUDD-O, MUDD-O SPAPendingOutside city limits
2020-064Truist BankApproximately 2.34 acres bound by the northeast side of 5th Street, southeast of North Tryon Street, southwest of East 6th Street, and northwest of North College StreetUMUD-OUMUD-O (SPA)Pending1 - Egleston