International Business Relations

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Each year three individual awards are presented at the Mayor's International Community Awards. Below is the criteria for each award and a list of the past winners.

To nominate someone for one of these awards please fill out this online applicationor send an email to Economic Development with the following PDF attachments: a short biography, nominee's résumé, and three letters of recommendation describing why this candidate should win the award. You may also send these items by mail.

Finalists are selected by committee and then Mayor selects the winners.

Richard Vinroot International Achievement Award

Vinroot nominees have worked for the continued internationalization of Charlotte and our region. They must have contributed to efforts to improve the international community here and/or helped others abroad, and they must have a record of outstanding service to the greater Charlotte community. This award can go to a group, individual, or a specific program held by an organization/business.

This was one of the original MICA recognitions and was named in honor of Mayor Richard Vinroot who founded the Mayor's International Cabinet, the predecessor of the Charlotte International Cabinet.

Past Winners

Ziaulhaq “Booyah” Ghafoori, 2022
Foster & William Harris,, 2020/2021
International House, 2019
Manny & Tracie Ohonme, 2018
The World Affairs Council of Charlotte, 2017
Michael S. Hawley, 2016
Catherine Hansen, 2015
Lauren Cavins, 2014
Stephanie Ansaldo, 2013
German Language and Culture Foundation, 2012
Kal Kardous, 2011
Yele Aluko, MD, FACC, FSCAI, 2010 
Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun, 2009 
Debbie Antshel, 2008 
Samaritan's Purse, 2007
Honorary Consul of France Millie Dalton Cox, 2006
T.J. "Jerry" Orr, 2005
Dr. Billy O. Wireman, 2004
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, 2003
Honorary Consul of Mexico Wayne Cooper, 2002 
Ingeborg Hegenbart, 2001
Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany Kurt Waldthausen, 2000
Michael Almond, 1999 
The Honorable Richard Vinroot, 1998 

CIC International Entrepreneur Award

CIC Award nominees are business men and women who are naturalized US citizens and start a business in Charlotte-Mecklenburg or who live in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and have moved their business to our metro region. We highly encourage the consideration of candidates who also demonstrate outstanding community service, but the primary qualification is that the candidate be an entrepreneur who has made lasting contributions to the Charlotte community through his or her business activities.

While mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina Governor Patrick McCrory established this award to honor those new Americans who exemplify entrepreneurial spirit and pride in their community.

Past Winners

Juan Cruz, 2022
Vinroy Reid, 2020/2021
Manolo Betancur, 2019
Chef Charles Sémail, 2018
Hadi Atri, 2017
Dr. Pinku Mukherjee, 2016
Hilda H.Gurdian,2015
Shailendra K Suman, 2014
Augusto Conte, 2013
Philip Maung, 2012
Norberto Sanchez, 2011
Gobind "Gerry" Bhojwani, 2010
Ravi Patel, 2009 
George Couchell, 2008
Felix Sabates, 2007

​Global Leader Award

Global Leader Award nominees are individuals who embody the spirit of Charlotte’s global significance. They display strong leadership in Charlotte’s international community and cultivate awareness of the growing diversity of Charlotte. Furthermore,  evolved from being leaders in their respective cultural communities to become leaders of the Charlotte community at large.​

This award was created US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx while Mayor of Charlotte

Past Winners

Eileen Cai, 2022
Sil Ganzó, ourBRIDGE for KIDS, 2020/2021 
Lal Vishin, 2019
Najam & Farah Usmani, 2018
Wendy Pascual, 2017
Dr. Maha Gingrich, 2016
Klaus and Concha Becker, 2015
Lucia Zapata Griffith, 2014
Dr. Nini Bautista, 2013
Dr. John Chen, 2012