Patrol Area Divisions

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The Response Area Team is designed to strengthen ownership and accountability for crime reduction and community safety. It enables officers to become more familiar with the people who live and work there, patterns of crime and suspect behaviors, and community resources that may be leveraged to address crime and quality of life issues.

If you want to report a crime and need police assistance in an emergency, dial 911.

If you want to report a crime or other information that does not require the police to respond to you or your location, please dial 311 (non-emergency crime reporting) or the Division Office line.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department jurisdiction is divided into 13 patrol divisions. Deputy Chief David Robinson oversees the Field Services Patrol Groups, including: Patrol Northeast - the University City, North Tryon, and Hickory Grove Divisions, Patrol Northwest - the Freedom, North and Metro Divisions, along with the Airport corridor, Patrol Southeast - the Central, Providence, Independence and Eastway Divisions, and Patrol Southwest - the Westover, Steele Creek, and South Divisions.

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Patrol Services Group: Deputy Chief: DC David Robinson

Field Services Support Unit: Executive Officer: Lt. Catina Odom

- Court Services Unit - District Court: Unit Contact: Jennifer Stewart

- Nuisance Abatement: Unit Contact: Wiley Ross

- Rental Ordinance: Unit Contact: J.R. Mount

Service Areas: Patrol Northwest Service Area Commander: Major Ryan Butler

hornets crest Freedom Division 4150 Wilkinson Blvd. | 704-432-6795
Division Captain: Captain Stephen Flatt
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Charles Strong | Lt. Jason Haithcock
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Rafael Garcia | Ofc. Kyle Kent | Ofc. Jordon Daigle | Ofc. Appolon Jean-Paul | Ofc. Joshua Lancaster
Investigative Technician: Kelly Bailey | phone: 704-432-6792

hornets crest North Division 10430-R Harris Oaks Blvd. | 704-432-3801
Division Captain: Captain Jonathan Wally
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. John Gorrod | Lt. Jonathan Poplin
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Mackenzie Dziendziel | Ofc. David Tropeano | Ofc. Ryan Kowaleski | Ofc. Wes Rightsell | Ofc. Matthew Blaich 
Administrative Supervisor: Sgt. Edward Rankin | phone: 704-432-3801
Lake Enforcement Supervisor: Sgt. David Ross | phone: 704-432-3801
Lake Enforcement Unit: 704-432-3801

hornets crest Metro Division 1118 Beatties Ford Road | 704-336-8300
Division Captain: Captain Stephen Iyevbele
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Michael Barrett-Carter | Lt. Patrick Howell
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 6:15AM - 2:30PM | Sgt. Jason Bossert | Sgt Joshua Allman
2nd Shift: 1:15PM - 11:30PM | Sgt David Banks | Sgt Jonathan West
3rd Shift: 8:15PM - 6:30AM | Sgt Carl Albanese | Sgt Brad Tisdale
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Greg McTigue | Ofc. Lakia Monroe | Ofc. Carolynn Prather
Crime Reduction Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Scheldon Connor | phone: 704-336-8300
Administrative Supervisor: Sgt. Henry Rozell | phone: 704-336-8300
Investigative Technician: vacant | phone: 704-336-8300

hornets crest Airport Law Enforcement 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 704-336-2260

Division Commander: Capt. Michael Anderson
Division Support: Lt. Michael Abbondanza

Service Areas: Patrol Northeast Service Area Commander: Major Torri Tellis

hornets crest Hickory Grove Division 7025 Albemarle Rd. | 704-336-3192
Division Captain: Captain Matthew Horner
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Dave Cristy | Lt. Eric Markley
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 6:15AM - 2:30PM | Sgt. Thomas Bisignano | Sgt. Cory Milbourn
2nd Shift: 1:15PM - 11:30PM | Sgt. David Ash | Sgt. Bradley Wahab
3rd Shift: 8:15PM - 6:30AM | Sgt. Nestor Montero | Sgt. Marquis Turner
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Jason Humphreys | Ofc. Ashley Brown | Ofc. Gary Ritter
Investigative Technician: Holly Randall Reeves | phone: 704-336-3192
Crime Reduction Unit: Sgt. David Decker | phone: 704-336-3192
Administrative Sergeant: Sgt. Andrew Riddle | phone: 704-336-3192

hornets crest North Tryon Division 4045 North Tryon St., Suite B | 704-336-8398
Division Captain: Captain Jason Colquitt
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Reginald Jenkins | Lt. Tamilla Gibbs
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 6:15AM - 2:30PM | Sgt. Randy Baker | Sgt. Brandon Ottelin
2nd Shift: 1:15PM - 11:30PM | Sgt. Nathan Crum | Sgt. Sirlena June
3rd Shift: 8:15PM - 6:30AM | Sgt. Christian Sinnott | Sgt. Thomas Hildebrand
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Marcus Thompson | Ofc. Argenis Contreras | Ofc. Jason Ellis | Ofc. Doug Gallant, Jr.
Crime Reduction Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Lauren Stubblefield | phone: 704-336-8398
Administrative Supervisor: Sgt. Scott Sweatt | phone: 704-336-8398
Investigative Technician: Amy Gorlinsky | phone: 704-336-8398

hornets crest University City Division 8452 North Tryon St. | 704-432-3900
Division Captain: Captain Bryan Crum
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Mark Hefner | Lt. Demarco Jeter
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 5:45AM - 2:00PM | Sgt. Ivan Reitz | Sgt. Jared Whitner
2nd Shift: 12:45PM - 11:00PM | Sgt. Candace Miles | Sgt. Kevin Hawkins
3rd Shift: 7:45PM - 6:00AM | Sgt. Jacques Morris | Sgt. Benjamin Slauter
Community Coordinators: Ofc. David Logan | Ofc.Michael Kossick | Ofc. Krista Dodd | Ofc. Amanda Huffman
Crime Reduction Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Chase Suddreth | phone: 704-432-3900
Administrative Supervisor: Sgt. Angelo Demaioribus | phone: 704-432-3900

Service Areas: Patrol Southeast Service Area Commander: Major Bret Balamucki

hornets crest Central Division 700 W. 5th Street | 704-336-5729
Division Captain: Captain Stephen Fischbach
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Emily Spindler | Lt. Warith Muhammad
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 5:45AM - 2:00PM | Sgt. Melvin Miner | Sgt. Calvin Belle
2nd Shift: 12:45PM - 11:00PM | Sgt. Joseph Smith | Sgt. Micah Ramsey
3rd Shift: 7:45PM - 6:00AM | Sgt. Christopher Sennett | Sgt. Jeffrey Joseph
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Brad Hall | Ofc. Justin Davies
Investigative Technician: Azara Ratliff | phone: 704-336-5729
Bicycle Unit: Sgt. Benjamin Roldan
Crime Reduction Unit: Sgt. Ryan Shields
Administrative Sergeant: Sgt. Mark Parrott

hornets crest Eastway Division 3505 Central Ave. | 704-336-8536
Division Captain: Captain Richard Nelson
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Michael Griffin | Lt. Shana Isenhour
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 5:45AM - 2:00PM | Sgt. Ethan Price | Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson
2nd Shift: 12:45PM - 11:00PM | Sgt. Jennifer Barba | Sgt. Adrian Washington
3rd Shift: 7:45PM - 6:00AM | Sgt. Brandon Sinnott | Sgt. Robert Jenkins
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Derrick Freeman | Ofc. Kelvin Moore | Ofc. Natalia Robayo
Investigative Technician: Felicia Williams | phone: 704-336-8536
Administrative Sergeant: Sgt. Keoshia Penny | phone: 704-336-8536

hornets crest Independence Division 6711 City View Drive | 704-336-2890
Division Captain: Captain Jesus Rendon
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Erik Tran-Thompson | Lt. Luke Dyer
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 5:45AM - 2:00PM | Sgt. J.P. Dority | Sgt. Chris Decker
2nd Shift: 12:45PM - 11:00PM | Sgt. Joshua Phillips | Sgt. Caleb Skipper
3rd Shift: 7:45PM - 6:00AM | Sgt. Franchot Pack | Sgt. Kevin Wiggins
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Margarita Boric | Ofc. Terrence Funderburk | Ofc. Matthew Cooper
Crime Reduction Unit: Sgt. Peter Rangolan | phone: 704-336-2890
Administrative Sergeant: Sgt. Jeff Sterrett | phone: 704-336-2890

hornets crest Providence Division 715 N. Wendover Rd. | 704-336-2878
Division Captain: Captain David Miller
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Anthony Holzhauer | Lt. Crystal Fletcher
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 5:45AM - 2:00PM | Sgt. Joshua Rollins | Sgt. Chad Arnold
2nd Shift: 12:45PM - 11:00PM | Sgt. Chris Martin | Sgt. Quentin Blakeney
3rd Shift: 7:45PM - 6:00AM | Sgt. Nicholas Luiz | Sgt. Shaquana Griffin
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Rebecca Smith |
Crime Reduction Unit: Sgt. (vacant) | phone: 704-336-2878
Administrative Sergeant: Sgt. Robert Dano | phone: 704-336-2878

Service Areas: Patrol Southwest Service Area Commander: Major Jonathan Thomas

hornets crest South Division 11217 Providence Road WEST | 704-336-3030
Division Captain: Captain Jared Saunders
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Jeremiah Blow | Lt. Kamil Waters
Reporting Sergeants: 1st Shift: 6:15AM - 2:30PM | Sgt. William Irby | Sgt. J.M. Pendergrast
2nd Shift: 1:15PM - 11:30PM | Sgt. Jeremy Vredeveld | Sgt. Justin Miller
3rd Shift: 8:15PM - 6:30AM | Sgt. T. Bynoe | Sgt. Jonathan Brito
Community Coordinators: phone: 704-336-3014
Ofc. Beth A. Jackson | Ofc. Brian Sudimack | Ofc. Peter Grant | Ofc. Jason Cosma | Ofc. John Causey
Division Detectives: phone: 704-336-3042
Crime Reduction Unit: Sgt. P.B. Howell | phone: 704-336-3030
Administrative Sergeant: Sgt. S.S. Sherwood | phone: 704-336-3030
Investigative Technician: L.A. Whitlock | phone: 704-336-3030

hornets crest Steele Creek Division 2227 Westinghouse Blvd. | 704-336-7800

hornets crest Westover Division 2550 West Blvd. | 704-432-2442
Division Captain: Captain Travis Childs
Operations Lieutenants: Lt. Jeffrey Zederbaum | Lt. Brent Harrison
Community Coordinators: Ofc. Cole Beamer | Ofc. Michael Blackwell | Ofc. Matt Montgomery | Ofc. Tam Phan
Investigative Technician: Cherish Scheuerman | phone: 704-432-2442

Lake Wylie | 704-432-3801
Lake Norman | 704-432-3801