Permits and Citations

Permit Application

There are two situations in which you will need a permit to maintain your animals.

Livestock- If you wish to maintain any equine, cloven-hoofed animal (cattle, goats, etc.) livestock or domestic fowl (chicken, turkey, pigeon...) a permit is required. Before a permit is issued, the premises must be inspected to ensure that the animal(s) are a minimum distance from the property line. We will also make sure that the animal(s) does not endanger the health, safety, peace and quiet of nearby residents. A permit costs $40.00 and must be renewed annually. 

Three or More Dogs or Cats- If you have three or more dogs or cats (in any combination) four months of age or older frequently kept outside, you will need a permit. The main purpose of this permit is to make sure that noise or odor caused by the animals will not interfere with a neighbor's use and peaceful enjoyment of his property. This permit costs $40.00 and is valid as long as the owner is in compliance with the terms of the permit. (No renewal fee.)

Permit Application Check List

What you need to know or do before filling out a permit.

1. Complete the online application.

2. Once your application is received, the inspector will contact you to advise the next steps.  If you do not already have a shelter for fowl/livestock already in place It is STRONGLY recommended you do not begin construction prior to being contacted by the inspector.

     Basic guidelines for your permit to be approved:

  • Shelters for livestock/fowl must be a minimum distance from an owner's property lines (required by ordinance).

  • For 3 or more dogs/cats: shelter is required for each dog/cat that is listed on the permit.

3. All animals must be physically restrained (fence, coop, etc.)

  • For 3 or more dogs/cats: if you are tethering your dogs, refer to the tethering section on this page or in the ordinance in municode for exact tethering specifications.

4. For 3 or more dogs/cats: Each animal must have a current rabies vaccination and current city/county license (refer to license form).

5. Emergency contact numbers for livestock permits.

6. A government issued ID (driver's license, etc.)

Your address history will be checked to make sure there are no previous founded nuisance or cruelty calls. If you've had previous calls for service referencing these issues, they will be looked at further for final approval decisions.

Fill out the online permit application.  

Citation/Permit Online Payment

By clicking the button below you'll be able to pay your permit for 3 or more/livestock, and/or pay a citation.