Art In Transit

Artist Opportunities

​​Artist Selection Process

Eligible Artists
All professional artists in the U.S. who have been involved in public art, the visual arts, as well as professional artists new to public art are encouraged to submit their credentials for future Call to Artists and/or Artist Teams.  When a Call to Artists is initiated in the future, it will be posted in CAFÉ  Professional artists registered in the Art-in-Transit Email Database at that time will be notified by email.  Calls are open for approximately six to eight weeks.  CAFÉ is free to artists.

Artists who wish to be considered for future projects and have not previously registered their email and mailing address, please send both to​ and ask to be added to CATS Art-in-Transit Artists Email Database.

Art Committees
To ensure meaningful community involvement in the Art in Transit Program, CATS invites members of project communities to participate in the artist selection process.
Neighborhood representatives, business owners, planners, historic society representatives, transit users and supporters work with the art panelists, station architects, engineers, lead artists on the design team, urban planners, and CATS staff to compile information about the project architecture, neighborhood, demographics, history, and users to assist panelists in choosing artists.  Artists use the information to create art relevant to the design and project community.

Art Panel
The Art in Transit Advisory Committee recommends art professionals to serve on artist selection panels.  It is the responsibility of these panelists to select artists capable of creating high-quality public art appropriate to each project. 

Art panelists include artists, museum professionals, designers, art educators, public art administrators, conservators, and other art professionals with a broad understanding of contemporary art and the contributions artists can make to transit projects.

Art Criteria
In keeping with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidelines to incorporate art into mass transit, CATS subscribes to the following criteria when artists are involved in planning and designing of transit art projects and/or when artists are commissioned to create works of art:

  • Quality of art or design
  • Impact on transit users or other public audiences
  • Connection to site and/or adjacent community: art that relates, in form or substance to the cultures, people, natural and built surroundings, or history of the area in which the project is located
  • Appropriateness for site, including safety and scale
  • Durability and resistance to vandalism
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Art in Transit Advisory Committee
The seven-member committee of art professionals is appointed by CATS' CEO to guide and oversee the Art in Transit Program.  The advisory committee meets quarterly, or as needed, to advise on commissioning public art, recommending art selection panelists, reviewing artists' proposals, art plans and budgets, ensuring community involvement, public education, and program promotion to keep the community informed.  Members serve for three-year terms, and are nominated by regional and national art professionals knowledgeable about public art.  


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