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Art in the Community

 The Art in Transit Advisory Committee and CATS emphasize public education and outreach as an Art in Transit program priority.  The committee, made up of seven art professionals appointed by the CEO of CATS, in addition to providing program oversight,  encourages community education and involvement starting with the artist selection process through the installation and unveiling of public art. Education and outreach leads to understanding, appreciation and long term care of a public art collection.  Whenever appropriate and with available resources, Art in Transit staff explores, develops and implements educational and outreach initiatives.

Partnerships with area educational, cultural and historical institutions assist CATS in expanding the communication between artists and stakeholders and community representatives.  Partnerships provide further opportunities to engage the public in the artistic process to ensure understanding and appreciation of the art. The Art in Transit program maintains working relationships with the Arts and Science Council, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library,  Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Charlotte Art League, Levine Museum of the New South, McColl Center for Visual Art, Mint Museum, Spirit Square (Blumenthal Performing Arts Center), The Light Factory, and local colleges and universities.

There are various ways Art in Transit reaches out to engage and educate the public.  Widely distributed community newsletters announce plans to select artists for projects and update the community throughout the design, construction and activation of a new venture.  Artists are introduced at neighborhood meetings even before they begin designing art for a project to ensure their understanding of place (past, present, and future).   Printed and online information is continually updated to track project progress while finished art is documented with postcards, plaques, and introduced through guided tours and presentations.  ​


In 2004 CATS began sponsoring an artist residency at McColl Center for Visual Art in uptown Charlotte to provide a commissioned artist with significant community access during the artist's process of conceiving and incorporating art into a transit project.   McColl Center for Visual Art is an urban art center that encourages the advancement of creativity through artist residencies, exhibitions, education, and outreach. 

Carolyn Braaksma, 2013​          Jackie Chang, 2012

                                                   Carolyn Braaksma, 2013​                         Jackie Chang, 2012        

 Shaun Cassidy, 2006   Tom Thoune, 2005        Leticia Huerta, 2004​

                Shaun Cassidy, 2006                                 Tom Thoune, 2005                               Leticia Huerta, 2004

Workshops / Presen​tations 

Each Art in Tranist artist pursues some type of engagement, research, or connection with the community where their work is installed. These events happen in a variety of ways from an artist visiting a neighborhood association meeting, to a workshop with school children, to public presentations of their work at a museum. For example, Between 2010 and the present, the commissioned artists and CATS Art in Transit staff have shared the art proposed for the BLE stations with the public and station community groups on more than 36 different occasions. 

    Tom Stanley, Tom Hunter  Workshop                 UNC Charlotte Cultural History Projects ​                  Mikyoung Kim    Contemporary Artchitecture + Design Lecture  Tom Stanley, Tom Hunter               UNC Charlotte Cultural History Projects ​                       Mikyoung Kim 
    ​ Workshop with Hidden                                                                                                 Contemporary Artchitecture +                Valley Elementary                                                                                                                   Design Lecture   
        and MLK Jr. Middle                                                                                                           Mint Museum Uptown​     


Because all the CATS Art in Transit public art is site specific and carefully researched and planned by each artist, there is a different story to tell with each project. Through Exhibitions that are open to the public prior to or after a project is completed, Art in Transit is able to share a vast amount of information about the art and artists in an accessible and engaging fomat. 

LYNX Blue Line Extenstion         CityLYNX Gold Line          Studio to Site image

          LYNX Blue Line Extension                           CityLYNX Gold Line                                     Studio to Site

​Temporary Projects

Occasionally Art in Transit is provided with an opportunity to create a project that will only last for a specific amount of time. These projects may be used to mitigate construction​​ or engage with riders on their daily commute.

 North Davidson Construction Fencing                         ASC & The Light Factory: Art in Motion​

            North Davidson Construction Fencing                                 ASC & The Light Factory: Art in Motion

Americans for the Arts, Public Art Network Year in Review Award

Americans for the Arts, Public Art Network’s Year in Review award is the only national program that specifically recognizes public art projects. Each year, 2-3 curators are selected to review more than 400 project applications of work completed in the previous calendar year. Up to 50 public art projects are chosen that represent the most compelling work for the year from across the country.  The national award is presented at the annual Americans for the Arts/Public Art Network conference.

Four CATS Art in Transit projects have earned national recognition from Americans for the Arts/Public Art Network.  Recipients of the Year in Review: 

  • 2018 Year in Review: Cornelius Park & Ride, Art by Ivan Depeña
  • 2012 Year in Review: N Davidson Maintenance Facility, Art by Jimmy O’Neil
  • 2008 Year in Review: LYNX Blue Line, Art by Thomas Sayre
  • 2006  Year in Review: South Tryon Bus Maintenance Facility, Art by Marek Ranis, Alice Adams, and RM Fischer  ​


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LYNX Blue Line Art Brochure

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Take a Virtual Ride on the LYNX Blue Line and hear the artist's talk about their work at each station.  This video can also be used as a podcast audio tour​. 

Take a Virtual Ride on the LYNX Blue Line and hear the artist's talk about their work at each station.  This video can also be used as a podcast audio tour​.