Art In Transit

Yuriko Yamaguchi

​Vienna, VA
Dream Keepers

​Yamaguchi's four small bronze sculptures at Bland Street Station compose a narrative work of art using forms symbolizing the growth and mystery of our lives. Her reinterpretations of seemingly familiar objects create visual riddles, prompting viewers' curiosity and imagination. Detailed surface textures invite closer inspection and touch. Like the beginning of a new journey, Dream Keepers implies a story waiting to unfold.

​Artist Bio

​Yuriko Yamaguchi has an extensive career working in sculpture and site specific installation. Her work is often composed of many smaller, individual parts in wood, metal, stone, and paper whose shapes are as recognizable as they are enigmatic, though always organic and fluid. Apart from her public art projects, Yamaguchi creates temporary installations that have appeared in numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums in both the United States and Japan, including the Field Museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and SECCA. Born in Japan, Yuriko Yamaguchi immigrated to the United States where she acquired degrees from Princeton University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Maryland. She is currently a professor of studio art at George Washington University in Washington, DC.​