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​​​Transit Citation Payment & Citation Appeal​​

If you receive a citation while riding a CATS service or located on CATS property you have received a State Citation.  The state citation has a pre-assigned court date at which you must appear.  At that appearance you will be given the option to receive a Civil Citation, pay that Civil Citation, bring the receipt back to the District Attorney’s office and have the State Citation eliminated.

CATS cannot receive payment for a State Citation issued only CATS issued Civil Citation. 

Payment of Citation:

Civil citations (converted from a State citation) can be paid at the Lost & Found offices of CATS located at the Charlotte Transportation Center (CTC) at 310 East Trade Street.  The Lost & Found office is located inside the CTC near the 4th street side of the center and is open during the following hours:

​Monday – Friday ​​     8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.​

Citations are $50.00

Civil Citations are $50.00 payable by Cash, Check or Debit/Credit.

If you do not appear in court or pay your citation within 30 days you could be liable for an additional $50 penalty.


Bring the civil citiation with you to cats lost and found.  After you pay the civil citation, you must take the cats receipt back to district court on the next assigned court date or Courtroom 1130 if the same day or 2nd floor duty window of courthouse on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - before your next criminal citation court date.
Remember, the district attorney will assign another court date to appear.  It’s your responsibility to note the return court date.  Failure to return on the next assigned court date could result in an order for arrest.