Streets Manual

The Charlotte Streets Map defines the future multimodal cross-section of the City’s arterial street network to implement the mobility policies of the 2040 Plan. 

Driveway and Access Rules 

The Driveway and Access Rules updates the City’s current Driveway Regulations to:  

  • Convert the Centers, Corridors, and Wedges references to the adopted Place Types of the 2040 Plan 

  • Remove items that have been incorporated into the Draft UDO (Streets, Subdivision, and Infrastructure Chapter) and simplify and consolidate language and references 

  • You can review and provide comments on the Driveway and Access Rules Draft

Comprehensive Transportation Review

The Comprehensive Transportation Review guidelines (CTR) replace the City’s current Traffic Impact Study (TIS) guidelines to: 

  • Define a new multimodal transportation review and mitigation process for development projects  
  • Implement the mobility policies of the 2040 Plan with a focus on multimodal investment and transportation demand management.  
  • You can review and provide comments on the Comprehensive Transporation Review Draft