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Park It parking locations

Charlotte's Park It program manages on-street parking throughout Uptown, South End, Elizabeth, NoDa and Commonwealth Avenue in Plaza Midwood. Access to the area's many restaurants, clubs, museums and government buildings is more convenient than ever. With more than 1,200 metered spaces in Uptown and South End, visitors can enjoy short-term, inexpensive parking while they shop, dine and conduct business. Parking rates at on-street meters and pay stations are $1.50 per hour.

All vehicles parked in metered parking spaces are required to pay the meter or pay station for the corresponding time the vehicle occupies the space. This requirement also applies to city, county and other government fleet vehicles, unless otherwise permitted. All CDOT-issued right-of-way use permits must be displayed on the front dash.

The Park It on-street parking program is a Charlotte Department of Transportation turnkey operation outsourced to SPPlus.

City of Charlotte Strategic Parking Plan

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) is currently developing a Strategic Parking Plan for South End and Uptown, which will recommend ways to efficiently manage the curb lane and balance competing demands for access, including loading and parking needs, with the safe and comfortable movement of people and goods.

Visit the Charlotte Strategic Parking Plan engagement portal for information about the SPP. We appreciate the community's partnership in this effort to maximize Charlotte’s curb space in a way that better serves Charlotte into the future!

Questions or comments can be sent to

Residential Parking Permit Program

The City of Charlotte has several residential parking permit locations(PDF, 184KB) which only allow parking on-street at specified hours with a vehicle parking decal. The areas currently participating in the program are First Ward, Third Ward, and Fourth Ward.

Permits Made Easy

Active Oct. 1, 2020, the City of Charlotte transferred to Passport, an online permit portal. Convenience at your fingertips! Easily manage virtual permit accounts. No more office visits or standing in line. Track your permit history easily.

Digital Residential Parking Permits FAQs

When do I need to renew my Residential Permit and what documentaion do I provide?

The Residential Permit cycle coincides with the City’s fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). Your permit is valid during the current fiscal year and must be renewed at the beginning of the next fiscal year, July 1.

Documentation that provides current proof of residency must include the following to show that you are still a resident in the permitted zone.

  • Current vehicle registration that shows the address in the permit zone for which you are applying,
  • Driver's license,
  • Copy of lease or deed, or
  • Recent utility bill, or
  • Proof of residence letter that is signed and notarized.

How many vehicles can be registered per household?

A maximum of six vehicles can be registered per address (household).

How do I apply for a Residential Permit?

You must reside in an area that has an active Residential Parking Permit Program. Begin by creating a customer account on the Park It website, validate your email address, and select “Residential Permit” from the drop-down menu. Follow the prompts and attach the required documentation. You will receive an email when your residential permit is approved, or further email instructions if additional information is needed to complete your request.

What is the cost for a Residential Permit?

$30.00 per vehicle + a $3.50 processing fee

Does each vehicle in the household need to be registered separately?

Vehicles must be registered separately.

Can multiple vehicles be added to the same application?

The system only allows entry of one vehicle at a time, and a unique digital identification number is assigned to each license plate number.

How do I apply for Guest Permits?

Guest Permits are only available to residents in 1st Ward and 3rd Ward.

  • Two Guest Permits are provided at no cost when a Residential Permit is purchased.
  • Proof of an active Residential Permit is required, and Guest Permits for each household must be applied for seperately from the Residential Permit.
  • After your Residential Permit is approved, enter the customer portal and select “Guest Permit” from the drop-down menu.
  • You must provide a copy of your confirmation email or receipt from your active Residential Permit to be approved for Guest Permits.

What is the cost of a Guest Permit?

There is no charge for Guest Permits, but you will still need to provide valid credit card information to complete the process, and provide proof of an active Residential Permit.

How many Guest Permits can I get?

Each address (household) is provided only two Guest Permits.

How many Guest Permits can be used at one time?

Two Guest Permits can be active at the same time.

What is the difference between a Temporary Permit and a Guest Permit?

Temporary Permits can be purchased for additional guests if both Guest Permits are being used (1st and 3rd Ward residents only), or used for guests in 4th Ward and 4th Ward West that remain beyond the two-hour free parking limit. Temporary Permits are valid for only 24-hours once purchased. The cost for a Temporary Permit is $3.00/permit + $3.50 processing fee.

Guest Permits are available to residents in 1st Ward and 3rd Ward only. Two guest permits are provided at no cost when a Residential Permit is purchased. You must provide proof of an active Residential Permit to obtain Guest Permits.

Can I apply for multiple Guest Permits before using them?

No. Permits are purchased in an e-booklet format. A Guest Permit from the e-booklet must be activated when someone is visiting. You will need your guest’s vehicle license plate number and vehicle make to activate the Guest Permit.

How long are Guest Permits valid?

Guest Permits are valid for 72-hours only upon activation at the customer portal. Once the Guest Permit e-booklet is approved by the Park It office, you can activate a Guest Permit under the “Manage Permit” in the customer portal when guests are visiting.

You can end a pass early if it is not needed for the entire 72-hours. To do this, go to:

  • Manage Passes
  • Pass History
    • Expand the pass for the vehicle in the active status you are deactivating.
  • Choose End Pass Early.

What happens if I forget to activate a Guest Permit?

Once activated, a Guest Permit is assigned a unique permit identification number. Failure to activate your Guest Permit can result in a parking citation for vehicles parked in violation.

How do you know if a vehicle has a valid permit?

All permits (Residential, Guest, and Temporary) are assigned a unique digital identification number, which is relayed to the License Plate Recognition (LPR)vehicles. As the LPR vehicles pass through the neighborhoods, the cameras provide images of the license plates, notifying the enforcement agents if a vehicle is assigned a valid digital permit.

Additional FAQs

For additional FAQs related to the online permitting system, please visit the customer portal FAQs.