Disability Collection Services

Disability Collection Services

Service is the core of our operation and we are passionate about ensuring residents have quality waste management resources. Residents who are physically unable to take their garbage and recyclables to the curb for collection may qualify for disability collection services (backyard collection). To see if you qualify for disability collection services and begin the process, please call 311 (704.336.7600).

The process is as follows:

  • After speaking to a 311 representative, a verification form will be sent via mail.
  • Upon receipt of the verification form, the resident requesting the service should complete the form in totality which includes a “physician's statement” portion. The physician's statement MUST be completed by a physician. *It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully misrepresent information on this form. A violation of this section shall be a criminal misdemeanor subject to a penalty and/or imprisonment for each and every offense.*
  • Once the entire form is completed, fax to 704.353.0330 or mail to: City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services Department, Administration, 1105 Otts Street, Charlotte, NC 28205.
  • Once the form is received by Solid Waste Services, a request number will be issued and within 2 business days, the resident will be contacted by a Solid Waste Services Contract Technician to schedule an onsite interview* with the resident.
  • After the onsite interview* has been conducted, backyard collection services will begin within 2 weeks. The resident will receive a phone call stating when service(s) will begin.

Additional information:

  • The Solid Waste Services Department, at any time, has the authority to terminate said service upon a reasonable basis. The recipient of the service will receive notification in writing. Upon termination of the service, the individual must immediately have the roll-out container brought to the curb for service.
  • This verification is valid until such time as re-verification is required by the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services Director.
  • *Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no onsite interview at this time.