Cricketeer Storm Drainage Improvement Project

  • Project typeStorm Water Services

The Cricketeer Storm Drainage Improvement Project will reduce street and structure flooding throughout the neighborhood. Located within a drainage area of approximately 15 acres, the project will replace aging infrastructure and provide adequate system capacity.

The project area is bordered by Northbrook Drive to the north, Cricketeer Drive to the south, Banbury Drive to the east and Stewart Creek to the west.

Project Updates

Staff continues to study the existing storm drainage system in the Cricketeer Drive project area. Once the study is complete, several alternative solutions will be developed. View the April mailer(PDF, 1MB) for more information.


Estimated Cost: To Be Determined*

*includes all costs associated with this project such as planning and design, utility relocation, consultant fees, permits, construction, and landscaping.

Project Phase: Planning

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