Temporary Structures


Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement, CTAC Division 704.336.3829

City of Charlotte Code Enforcement, Zoning 704.336.7600

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement

Temporary Events and Structures

Temporary Structures include, but are not limited to, stages, platforms, shelters, scaffolding, bleachers, grand stand seating, and tiered seating that are erected on site during event set-up. These do not include tents and/or stages erected on trailers.

These Temporary Structures may require permitting and inspection to ensure compliance with the NC State Building Codes. The Special Events and Structures website provides information on special event permitting. Event organizers should contact the Mecklenburg County Commercial Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) Division as early as possible to ensure successful event planning.

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement Special Events and Structures

Mecklenburg County Commercial Technical Assistance Center

City of Charlotte Code Enforcement

Tents and Temporary Structures on Private Property Only

For tents and temporary structures on private property a City of Charlotte Zoning Use permit is also required prior to event set-up.

For temporary tents, the tent structure must be located outside of any required setbacks, public right of ways and cannot occupy any required parking of any existing permitted uses.

The event organizer (or in some cases the tent vendor) will need to bring a detailed site map to the Zoning Counter located at the Hal Marshal Center at 700 North Tryon Street. Upon approval of site plan review a Zoning Use permit will be issued. All Zoning Use permits must be received within two weeks prior to event.

City of Charlotte Zoning Enforcement